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Child Abuse: Path towards Trauma, or Sacred form of Family Bonding?

Asked by Lovelocke (1609points) August 8th, 2008

A lot of people look upon small children as fragile, tiny things weighing less than the total poundage of cheese we’re likely to consume in a year. Myself? When I look at a whee one just able to walk and run, I think about all the ways I can pick them up and rough house: Playing superman, pro wrestling and so on. As a result of that line of thinking (and also physical line of playing) every child I’ve ever met and had time to play with absolutely loves me.

Once, about a year back or so, I was babysitting my nephews (two in total) during the week while their parents were working out new work arrangements (One got a promotion, the other got a new shift). Just for home video’s sake, I picked up a camera (and my nephew) and began to record… to share with family members, but as a bonus, now with you!

IMPORTANT: After I initially put this video online, people began telling me that THIS counts as child abuse. That the whole video was frightening to watch, and even threats that if I didn’t take it down they would report me to the internet police, etc. Many more people thought it was freaking cute, but there were those few (maybe 5 in total) that thought it was ghastly.

QUESTION: Does this video show uncle/nephew playtime, or does it show brutal child abuse? I play with all kids like this, and as a result, all kids LOVE me. I mean that too, like, kids I know will totally forsake their parents to come up and say hello to me when I walk into their houses.

Where do you weigh in? Abuse? Playtime? You make the call… on here, not to the police, that is.

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