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Mystery Javascript snippet?

Asked by webmasterwilliam (160points) August 8th, 2008

Does anybody understand what this javascript snippet is? It is included in a bunch of code I received from a site that makes dropdown website menus.

eval(“ig(xiodpw/sioxHflq&’!xiodpw/qnv7&’(xiodpw/lpcbtjoo+#\”.uoMoxesCbsf(.jneeyOg(#hutq:#),1*amest)\“Uhjs!cppz pf!QvidkNeou!hbs!npt!bfeo qusciatee.!(xwx.ppfnduce/cpm*\”*;”.replace(/./g,qa));;

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it looks like a piece of obfuscated code. Because normally JavaScript even in it’s most complex is still humanly readable. If it is not obsfucated, then someone must have some really messed up naming conventions for their functions, etc. That is just from my experience, I am not a JavaScript guru, but for what little I know, it does not look like it would ever work for any browser.

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Actually, I commented out the piece of code and it resolved a nag box that kept popping up. I think it’s obfuscated code to force you to purchase their software.

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Yeah, this is purposefully hidden. It could be decoded, but it’s not worth it. Delete.

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