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How can I make couple friends?

Asked by AmyClaire (31points) August 8th, 2008

My boyfriend and I live in NY, love scrabble, brunch, (and scrabble-brunches!) parks, and banter. How can I find other twenty-something (or 30-something) couples to hang out with? Strictly platonic of course. Should I be approaching couples at bars? Seek out other women with boyfriends?

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I meet a ton of people all the time in the city. How exactly would you approach a couple at a bar? They’ll probably think you’re a little strange…. Be yourself and it will happen naturally. Go to the park or a bar and just chill. There’s always craigslist too.

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Seems like there wouldn’t be a problem meeting people in NYC. Skip the bars though.

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go to any (any) coffee shop, by yourself, you can always start an innocent conversation with any of the other latte-zipping zombies (that’s how my sister calls me and my friends) sure you will find interesting people to hang out with :)

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Have you checked MeetUp ?

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Are there any interesting people where you work, or where your boyfriend works? That could be a start.

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I wouldn’t worry so much about whether they are couples or not, just make friends the way you usually do, and they will date people sometimes, and be single other times. When they’re dating someone, voila, couple. That way you can hang out with people you actually like *not just random people off of craigslist), and if they ever break up, you can still be friends with the one that you were friends with originally, wheras, if you’re friends with them as a couple, you’re kind of stuck in limbo if they’re suddenly not together anymore.

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I was going to suggest MeetUp, but I see that hearkat beat me to it!

A couple of suggestions…

1. Rather than try to meet randoms, you might try the friend-of-friend angle. If you go to a party hosted by a friend (or host one yourselves and tell people to bring as many friends as they can!!), try to chat up other couples you might not know and find things in common (Oh, you like Scrabble too? We Love Scrabble! Would you want to get together sometime to have game night?). That’s the way I’ve expanded my friend group in LA since it seems like friends-of-friends are more comfortable and approachable than meeting total strangers. Then, rather than ending your fun chat with, So…we’ve really liked talking to you guys….Can we get your number and go on a double date? You could suggest another activity with them and your now-mutual friends. And just let it go from there.

2. Depending on your work situation, you could always try to get together with co-workers and their partners after work…or classmates, if you’re a student.

3. Do you know any of your neighbors? If you live in a densely-populated city like NY, there’s gotta be someone you can introduce yourself to with a fruitcake and a smile!

4. In my neighborhood, I go to a weekly pub quiz trivia night. I’m sure they have something similar in NY. I’m terrible at trivia, but it’s become a fun way to meet new people and expand friend groups in a bar environment that fosters more intellectual/interesting conversation than just the usual bar stuff. I’ve met a lot of new people there—singles as well as couples. Plus, if you and your honey play together, maybe you can join forces with another couple and play on a team together.

5. Or, you could just spin the wheel of fate, get out as much as possible and go to as many farmer’s markets, pumpkin patches, and spin classes (or whatever) as you can in an effort to meet up with people who share your same hobbies.

6. Oh, one other thing I just thought of is, there’s got to be some Scrabble groups in your area for people who want to get together and play for fun with other couples (maybe you can find one on community message boards, MeetUp, or CraigsList, or start one of your own!!).

Good luck!!

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