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How to get rid of scars from a dog bite?

Asked by SergeantQueen (10692points) March 1st, 2017

I have a few scars from where my dog bit me, on my arm and leg. None of the bites broke the skin, just scratched a lot of skin off, so I’m not sure if they’ll be permanent. Any tips on how to prevent them from becoming permanent/ getting rid of them faster? They are still dark red in color. I got bit a couple of months ago.

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They’ll go away. Scars are permanent only if the skin is torn, and the body needs to stitch it back together. And when you’re young, even those fade over time.

Where is the dog now?

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He is with me. He’s my dog. It was kind of my fault anyways

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I know how that goes. My dog has never bitten me, but she has these sharp claws that sometimes scratch hard when we’re playing.

What kind of dog?

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pit bull/ lab retriever mix. Such a sweetheart.

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Perhaps try a scar healing cream or lotion, preferably one that has silicone in it. You can easily buy these online.

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This product called Mederma can make some scars much less noticeable, and smaller ones pretty much not noticeable at all. You have to use it for about a month every day if I recall. I used it when I had a scar from a mole that had been removed. I would say it helped about 90%.

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