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Why is explorer.exe freezing Windows XP?

Asked by shared3 (921points) July 23rd, 2007

When shutting down, my computer is unable to shut down properly. explorer.exe freezes and I am forced to open up Task Manager and kill it manually. Then, the freeze is over, but Windows still won't shut down. Furthermore, once in a while, when opening some Explorer windows, explorer.exe will freeze and I am forced to kill it through Task Manager. explorer.exe shows no CPU activity, no RAM fluctuations, and doesn't read or write any data.

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Or, even better, try PC alternatives like Mac or Linux.

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Well, it's either got to be a hardware or a software problem. Often, I find that Spyware/Viruses load add-ons into Explorer that can make it crash or refuse to terminate. If possible, boot into "Safe Mode with Networking" and run a scan with Trend Micro's HouseCall ( If that still doesn't turn anything up, try running the free memory test called memtest86. Some glitchey RAM could have corrupted your install.

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Insert the Windows install CD, open RUN, enter sfc /scannow.
This will scan for abnormalities in your system files and get’s the original from the Windows CD if there is aproblem detected.

Helps a lot of times to prevent a forced complete reinstall. After everything works again though, best is to prepare a clean install a.s.a.p.!

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