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Has anyone here played Buzztime trivia games at Buffalo Wild Wings or at a similar venue?

Asked by LuckyGuy (38431points) March 2nd, 2017

Did you enjoy the experience?
If you are not familiar with the game here is a quick explanation. Buzztime trivia is played either on your smart phone after downloading the free app, or a tablet supplied (free) by the restaurant owner. It is usually played at “sports bars” with many TVs with a few dedicated to the Buzztime channel as a diversion for people who are not interested in sports. There are local games and nation-wide events.
Typically a 5 choice trivia question pops up and a point counter begins counting down from 1000. If you answer immediately you get 1000 points for that question. Three hints are given at about 1 per second and the points drop at about 200 points per second.
If you answer correctly you get that number of points. All the players’ scores are publicly displayed and after 10 or 15 questions they are totaled and a winner is declared. The only prize is your avatar name on the monitor.

I found it to be a lot of fun – but a bit addictive. Once I started answering I could not concentrate on the food or the conversation. I watched the monitor like a hawk. That is fine in certain groups. I’m guessing introverts and trivia geeks would love it.
Have you seen this in your area? Is it popular?

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We did have that but it was ages ago…have not seen it anywhere since the 80’s but I don’t go to bars all that often anymore except to watch live music. You are right about it being fun and addicting.

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I am not a “beer and sports” kind of guy so I tend to avoid sports bars. But when going with a group this seems like a good diversion. I can watch the trivia game while others watch sports or ESPN.
I ordered a delicious signature hamburger which came while I was participating in a game. It actually seemed like the food came too quickly! I didn’t touch the hamburger until the game ended about 5 minutes later. I enjoyed the experience.

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Apparently there a couple places reasonably close to me. You can search by Zipcode here

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There are only places in my area and all are Buffalo Wild Wings. I see that other regions have different bars and restaurants.
It is worth visiting.

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Buffalo Wild Wings is the closest one to me. One customer left a comment that if it were not for them having Buzztime they would never go to eat there. Made me laugh! :D

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My screen name is Grima, if we happen to be at the same B-dubs on the same day.

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@Seek It figures! :-) That game was made for you!
I’ll be looking for ya’.

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