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How does fluther know that my desk is a mess?

Asked by Judi (39833points) August 8th, 2008

There is a little message below my name that says “You look good today but your desk is a mess” I’m a little creeped out.

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The Jellyfish spy on you while you’re sleeping.

But seriously. It’s just a random database of odd/random/funny/accurate quips.

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Well your desk maybe a mess, by I’m it’s favorite….
Don’t tell anyone—you’re our favorite.”

I find this a very endearing feature here on Fluther, it is one of the many things that give this site it’s unique personality.

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Jp got fluther pregnant…

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this is one of my favorites. always make me smile haha.

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Okay, I frankly feel very cruel. We shouldn’t be doing this to Judi. Here’s the truth, we actually see this:

Shocking, isn’t it. They pick a random person once a week and then keep us updated.

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Who gets stalked next week?

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They stole my credit card last week. I can’t believe they bought 75 bottles of champagne.

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Ha ha! That was me! Don’t be creeped out. I can’t really see your desk. It was all in the spirit of fun during the greeting contest. I could just imagine fluther addicts sitting at their cluttered desks all day posting. At the time, I was recovering from knee surgery, so my SO set up a recliner next to my computer, and I practically lived on fluther. That’s where I got the idea. What about the one that says you have something in your teeth? That one cracked me up, and kind of inspired me, along with the one that mentions you having a good hair day.

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I wonder what was removed?

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[Fluther Moderator:] Spam. Dirty dirty spam.

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thanks then!

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