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How is pneumonia treated?

Asked by JLeslie (59833points) March 2nd, 2017 from iPhone

Aside from antibiotics, if it’s bacterial or mycoplasma, what is used to get the gook out of the lungs? Do they do any special breathing treatments? Are humidifiers helpful or hurtful?

Is there an antifungal if it is caused from a mild or fungus?

Obviously, pneumonia should be monitored by a doctor, so let’s just take that as a given and here what you have experienced or know regarding pneumonia.

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I was hospitalized with pneumonia once and I don’t recall exactly how they treated it. I definitely had breathing treatments and IV fluids, I think that was about the extent of it.

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Are the breathing treatment like steam you inhale? Is it medicated?

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Yes, to both, as far as I know.

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I had pneumonia in my early 20s. I had antibiotics and did a lot of coughing. No special treatment. That was a while ago and on the NHS so things might be different where you are.

I checked one of my medical evidence souces and there is no further treatment recommended on the NHS other than taking painkillers, avoiding dehydration, and stopping smoking. Cough medication is NOT recommended as it can suppress the natural coughing mechanism from clearing the lungs

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Well, I had walking pneumonia, and aside from antibiotics, I was told to cover my mouth when outside in the winter to prevent me from breathing in cold air, and to wear a ton of extra layers. I was also given an inhaler because they said I would have asthma for a year afterward. I still went on a camping trip though, and got myself more sick because I gave my blankets to someone else who was cold.

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I used to get pneumonia about every 5 years when I was younger. The main thing I remember was that the doctors would always emphasize how much rest I would need to fully recover. I always doubted them and would end up relapsing and needing additional recovery time.

Recently there have been several local radio personalities who contracted pneumonia. One is still on a graduated return to work after being off work for most of November. She still sounds raspy some days. Another is still away from work after becoming ill in December. The third I can think of, returned to work about two weeks ago after being gone so long people thought he’d left the program and were desperately looking for online hints.

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Mine snuck up on me, and got so bad before it was caught, that I was hospitalized and had emergency surgery. They stuck a tube through my back, between my ribs, and into my lung and drained it. Two weeks of recuperation in the hospital and continuing antibiotics for another two weeks after I got home.

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