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Hypothetical question, if you had 6 long term employees quit inside of a week what would you be thinking?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (19402points) March 3rd, 2017

That they just must be disgruntled and blow it off?
Good riddance theres more where they came from.
Or maybe it might have something to do with the management and look at it that way?
How would you handle it?

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I would be very very careful. Sounds like a major rift in the time continuum.

Is this your place of work? Is your resume currently up to date.?

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No it’s not my place but it is a company I know a great deal about.

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Depends on the circumstances, number of employees in the company. But if even one employee quits, I would try to understand what it is about.

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As a manager, I’d be very worried. As a prospective employee, I would stay well away.

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I would consider it a management issue. Maybe another employee is pissing everyone off? Not really enough details.

And I agree with @Zaku . If a good employee quit, it would be nice to know why.

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it might have something to do with the management and look at it that way?

Wow! This very thought pervaded my brain for over 2 months when it was revealed to me my partner and person in charge of my company’s entire production who was stealing the company blind and I knew that once I caught him red handed I would have to send him “to the chopper”. The first thought in my mind was he would rally all the production workers to leave and follow him when the moment came that he got caught. Thankfully once I fired him, the next day I came to realize just how much they despised his sorry ass.

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I have learned to look at turnover rate if I can find out when looking for new work. High turnover is the #1 indicator of a shitty job. If the job pays well, it’s usually a toxic environment.

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It could mean several things. How I read the situation would depend on a few things. Is the six a major part of the workforce, or a small percentage? Is their position in the company blue collar, or upper management?
Depedant on those details, it could range from crappy work conditions, to somebody has insider knowledge of an upcoming sale or impending death of the company.
I worked for a time in a small business where the owner was a total pud. Myself and another employee conspired to leave together without notice. We were so crucial to that business, our leaving that way gave him no opportunity to recover.

With six gone, I would want to investigate whether there was missing funds or other resources. I would also take a close look at management practices.

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I would set up exit interviews and ask them.

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Nowt, they would’ve been fired long before they even thought about quitting.
Call the agency & yell “NEXT!!”

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I’d go with the saying, ” If one person calls you an ass, ignore it, but if 10 people call you an ass, buy a saddle.” Clearly something is gravely amiss in the stable of this workplace to send an entire herd of donkeys fleeing the big jackass of management. haha

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Totally agree @Coloma ,but a lot of management teams never seem to think the problem is with them it must always be an employee problem.

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This happened at my job, and it was because of the new boss…and administration just looked the other way.

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