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Is Sub-Zero Jewish?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24160points) March 4th, 2017

I found a link for YouTube that hinted that The Mortal Kombat character was Jewish 0:55 .

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Well his real name is Hiram Finklestein.

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Does it make a difference?

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@zenvelo No. Just wondering if they can add an accurate depiction of krav maga, in the future? I know that ripping ones head off is not real.

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Krav Maga’s not really a Jewish thing though. Yeah, it’s a martial art developed by the Israeli Defense Forces, but there’s nothing specifically “Jewish” about it, and it’s gained huge amounts of popularity among MMA/fighting buffs. Practicing Krav Maga is about as reliable an indicator of Jewish ethnicity as practicing Kung-Fu is of Chinese ethnicity.

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I know Kyuki-Do so I must be Korean.

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I do the “live long and prosper” hands so I must be a rabbi.

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I know how to stuff my mouth with junk food, so I must be a colonial.

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I’d say no. If I had to go by the game,he seems like a unoriginal version of several other characters, or they of him.

I’m having trouble thinking of any Jewish ninjas….

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I don’t remember circumcision being one of his “finishing moves”.

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I had enchiladas last night, so I must be Mexican.

(Wait! I am half-Mexican! whew!)

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Sub Zero’s real name is Bi Han, and he was killed by Scorpion in the first MK. In the second game he is resurrected in the Netherealm and becomes Noob Saibot. The Sub Zero you play from then on out is his younger brother Kuai Liang, out to avenge his brother’s death. In MK 3 there’s a bunch of stuff about the Lin Kuei turning people into cyborgs so they can become perfect assassins. Sub Zero escapes, but is being chased by his former clan. I’m lost after that. The Mortal Kombat stories are like soap operas, I don’t know where Sub Zero would find the time to celebrate Hanukkah.
Both brothers are half American and half Chinese though, so it might be possible. (never heard of too many Chinese jews)

Thing is one brother became a mindless, killing undead while the other is on the run and out for revenge at the same time and before that, both were being trained by the Lin Kuei so I’m guessing they don’t have much time for religion, whatever it may be.

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I never knew kitchen appliances had such backstory, let alone were aligned with a particular faith.

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@zenvelo – even for you, that was unusually awful….

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I never knew Mortal Kombat characters had such a backstory.

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They most certainly do. I think it’s really neat, even more interesting than playing the games themselves. My interest did drop out long ago but besides the in game info, you had movies, tv series, cartoons, comics and novels. (in which you learn Scorpion’s name, Yong Park)
Last I played was MK Deception, and story progression goes way passed what I’m familiar with. Still the same good old elements though.

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