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Google Voice users, does anyone know when GV/Hangouts will be supported in Firefox again?

Asked by Coloma (47105points) March 8th, 2017

As of today Google Voice hangouts is no longer supported in Firefox. Google says it is working to fix this ASAP but does anyone know if this is temporary, ( a few days or so ) or should I switch to a new browser like Chrome or Safari?

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Hangouts is via a plugin in Firefox, and there are quite a few available. I don’t see anything with a quick search that says it’s a problem with Google’s service. Where are you running into trouble? Are you using the official Google plugin?

It’s always good to have another browser, and Chrome doesn’t need a plugin at all, so that’s probably the easiest solution either way.

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@funkdaddy Google hangouts just says it is no longer working in Firefox because Firefox doesn’t have the supporting plug in available. I’m no tech wizard that’s for sure. haha

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‘Google is working on a solution that will be available as soon as possible.’

But Hangouts often doesn’t work for me in Firefox, because I run script and ad blockers.

I keep a Chrome window open to run Hangouts and other things.

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@Call_Me_Jay yeah, but who knows how long that might be. I haven’t had any issues with hangouts on FF but I guess I’ll just download Chrome and get back in the saddle right? Thanks.

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