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How much does Trump have to do with the International Women's Day protest?

Asked by MrGrimm888 (16809points) March 9th, 2017

Obviously, women are oppressed, and unappreciated, in many parts of the world.

What role does Trump play in these women’s motivations for the protest?

He took to twitter to support the protesters. He has received a large backlash, deservedly so.

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His impact is minimal if that. He was not even born when this event was first started in Russia 1909. International woman’s day is celebrated every March 8th with or without Trump. Too bad you seem intent on making such a day all about Trump instead of the impact women have on the world we live in and the struggles many still endure around the world.

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^So. It’s just getting more media attention? The morning news makes it out to be bigger than normal.

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His twitter support was lukewarm, in that he once again started it as an “I” statement (a narcissistic phrasing). And it contradicts his own much publicized statements about women.

There was a factor of it being a continuation of the January 21 Women’s March.

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@MrGrimm888 Of course the media will sit up and take notice when the President pays tribute to women and says he has “tremendous respect” for women and his wife and first lady gives a speech about the value and importance of freedom and equal opportunity for women.

I am not surprised in the least for liberals to make every effort to spin yesterday that celebrated women’s achievements and struggles into another excuse for bashing Trump. Have fun.

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^Well. In this case, I like it. Nothing unifies people like hate. Perhaps it will lead to more involvement by people who were otherwise politically sedentary…

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^^That is a pretty dangerous mentality if you ask me.

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It’s much bigger this year because of the Republicans’ war on women’s rights and the power they now hold over much of the country. It’s bigger because women and their families – that is all of us – are affected by the repeal and shitty replace of the ACA, by the defunding of Planned Parenthood, etc. It has more to do with love than hate although i doubt that many who marched and rallied are enamored of Ryan and McConnell and Steve Bannon.

Political involvement in toto is much greater since this administration came to power; one plus of what is happening whichever side you are on.

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@ARE_you_kidding _me . Are you kidding me?

There are spin doctors hard at work on both sides. I’m trying to draw something positive from this. I think having more people working towards improving life for a good cause is good.

Conservative exacerbation of facts riles their base too. It’s not anomalous behavior by either side of the political spectrum.

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There was a photo taken yesterday from the White House lawn toward the windows of the Oval Office that look out over Pennsylvania Avenue. It shows Trump standing there with binoculars. Vault 7 program audio picked up from the TV that was supposedly turned off, overheard Trump commenting to Spicer on some of the fine camel toe he saw out there. “Excellent pussy snatching,” he said, “too bad I can’t be out there with them.”

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No not kidding you. Hate leads to emotion, misconception and irrational responses.

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^That’s true…

That’s why Trump was elected…

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Trump was elected because blue collar workers were being ignored, southern white middle class were tired of political correctness, the democrat running was status quo Hillary Clinton, small buisiness owners are being smothered and the republicans failed to field any other candidates that touched any of those nerves. None of that was really hate based, more of “are you listening to us now?” Also a general lack of any other real options that had any promise of change.

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^^Gets it!

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> I don’t. But thanks for sharing your input.

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^^no real surprise

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