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Where can I find green bamboo poles in san francisco?

Asked by tafar (14points) August 8th, 2008

I am looking for 3/4” to 1” dia. bamboo poles that are at least 12’ long (or longer) for an experimental tent structure. They need to be flexible enough to bend so that their middle is 6’ off the ground and they touch the ground at both ends.

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Lots of folks grow them—how many do you need? I have a friend who grows some in his back yard in Berkeley and is happy for them to be used for interesting purposes. (I have a 17’ pole from his stock that tapers to 1/2” dia)

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great! I will (eventually) need 200 or more, but I just need 3 or 4 for testing this weekend. Will you pass my info on to your friend?

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Two hundred is a lot. Maybe you could put an ad in Craig’s List if you need more sources.

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Ok I found a couple of inexpensive sources for 200+ pieces:

Bamboo Giant in Aptos –

Tiki Focus in Benicia –

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hey everyone who answered, check out the pics of my project here:
the bamboo i got was pretty dry and it cracked a lot. another friend suggested soaking it beforehand next time :-)

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