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At what point do you stop following a question?

Asked by Cruiser (40421points) March 9th, 2017

If you even do so? Why, when or for what reason do you toggle up to hit the ‘stop following” tab?

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Mostly I don’t. Questions die a natural death and people stop posting to them. It’s quite interesting when a new member finds an old question and responds and starts the discussion again.

I tend to unfollow when there is a lot of bickering on the thread or when I don’t find it interesting at all.

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I stop following when:

It gets hijacked by a side discussion by two late comers to the thread

It is too repetitive in that everyone is responding but it isn’t adding to my knowledge of my interest

It gets into entrenched arguments to the point of being nasty.

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I stop following when the dead horse has been sufficiently beaten.

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When it gets off track or turns into a childish argument, like it very easily does.

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When I tire of it.

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I rarely actually hit the unfollow button. I do it when I see a topic coming up as having activity that I realize I really don’t care about, which is rare. However I often effectively stop following them by ignoring the Activity For You link (I show 1724 new at the moment) because it’s so slow to load. I usually only go to threads via GA votes, or the Next / Newer / Older links at page bottom, unless I am procrastinating or remembering some specific thread I want to check.

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I’ll sometimes unfollow when a topic is timely and is not something relevant any more, for example the Presidential election 2016. Maybe at the time it was interesting to me but now it’s old news.

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Whenever some idiot ruins it by chasing their own agenda in babbling on sometimes against me personally, love the fact they must continue to post shite aimed at me & i’m not there :D

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Right about n…

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1) Repetition.

2) when it’s clear that people are talking AT each other and not WITH each other. (which is closely tied to (1) repetition

3) when a conversation has devolved into personal insults

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When it’s been derailed by idiocy or I know the players and have read similar arguments of theirs many times before.

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I stopped following this question the moment I wrote it~

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Almost daily I’d say.
Depends on the Q. if is just some, not very interesting, bit of fluff I delete it within hours. I’m an out with the old in with the new type. Lets move on already is my mantra!

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I usually just let it run, and only add replies if I think I can contribute.

I unfollowed a thread about pit bulls, because I got too offended. I think that’s the only one I’ve unfollowed out of anger…

Occasionally, I get bored with circular threads that keep coming back to the same points.

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i’ve not followed one yet but if i followed it i’d probably just carry on until there were obviously no more answers :)

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