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I'm confused on contemporary christian thought. Can you help me?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28879points) March 10th, 2017

This woman link wants Christians to become wealthy so that Jews will become jealous and convert to Christianity.

But other preachers (and a lot of anti-semites) say that Jews are rich and control Hollywood and business.

So which is it?

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They’re both nuts.

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This woman link wants Christians to become wealthy so that Jews will become jealous and convert to Christianity.
That in itself is anti-semitic, because it assumes the stereotype that Jews are greedy.

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They all sound like five year olds, so why do we even pay attention to their blabber?

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One is theofascist matter and the other is theofascist anti-matter.

The issue of which one it is can be determined by putting the anti-matter anti-Semites in a negatively charged magnetic bottle, and the others in a positively charged mag bottle.

Then launch them toward the galactic center so that their vessels will collide deep in the accretion disc of Sagittarius A. The result be a major relief for the planet.

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Jews will convert if Christians are rich? What a total idiot. Not to mention it’s insulting. Again, putting out the stereotype that Jews just care about money.

So many Christians fail to realize that a huge portion of Jews aren’t even religious. They don’t equate religion to much of anything except traditions and ethnicity and being opressed many times throughout history. Some Christians are so in their own world that they think everything is religion. They just don’t get it.

Not to mention that chasing profit is basically antiChristian historically.

Edit: about Hollywood, I don’t think that factored into this chicks’ speech. She is just trying to get the poor up off their asses (I say that not how I would say it, but with what I believe is her intention) and make some money. I think this whole Christian movement to preach profit, fits in with the right wing thinking the poor are lazy. It has a horrible undertone in my opinion.

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There are idiots in all religions.

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Just because one person verbalizes their crazy thought doesn’t make it logical. I agree with others she’s nuts.

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Also, just because one person verbalizes their crazy thought doesn’t make it representative of “contemporary christian thought.” — but you knew that when you wrote this question.

C’mon, this is just silly.

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Nope. This is the contemporary insane leading the insane.

FEBRUARY 6, 2017 1:38 PM
Cindy Jacobs: 2017 Will See Christian ‘Media Revolutionaries’ Replace Liberal Media Outlets That Are Persecuting Christians

AUGUST 11, 2015 11:57 AM
‘Prophet’ Cindy Jacobs Warns That A Second Civil War Is Coming Due To Gay Marriage, Anti-Christian Persecution

OCTOBER 5, 2016 12:27 PM
Cindy Jacobs: Christians Must Vote To Stop The US From ‘Polluting’ Other Nations With Gay Flags.

OCTOBER 8, 2015 12:03 PM
Samuel Rodriguez Hails Cindy Jacobs As ‘A Legitimate Prophet Of God’

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@Espiritus_Corvus – I had never heard of her before. She’s a total Kook…

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There is more than one Christian leader preaching the pursuit of money. I don’t think it’s the majority, but it’s sort of a thing now. I’ve never heard it as a reason to attract Jews, but I have heard at sold as what God wants for His followers—prosperity, wealth, etc.

I don’t know why they are so interested in Jews, we are a mini small number, and we don’t really do anything against Christianity, although a few Christians might perceive us that way for some odd reason.

Plus, the Jews are supposed to build the Temple for the next coming of the Messiah. She’s just a crackpot zealot like every religion has some crackpots. I don’t think of her as a Christian, I think of her as using and twisting Christianity for her goals. Does she lead a church? Ask for donations? Live the high life paying no taxes? That’s what I would wonder.

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Christian thought? An oxymoron if I ever heard one.

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Meh, just another variation of “prosperity gospel” and “greedy Jew” stereotyping.

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Oh Lord, won’t you buy me
A Mercedes Benz
My friends all drive Porches
So, I must make amends…

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Wow. Did not click on the link but that woman’s description is…nuts. Sometimes I really think people are just plain nuts and it gets manifested in many ways….art, politics, religion…

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LOL. Her last name… I’ll bet 50/50 odds that that bitch couldn’t pass the Nazi SS lineage test.

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The two schools of thought (IMHO) are not necessarily contemporary Christian thought. I think they are views of individuals who call themselves Christian, but are so removed from the message in the Christian scripture that they would not recognize the Second Coming if it took place across the street from their Megachurch.

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