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What kind of special products or tips do you love for your senior pet?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (26784points) March 10th, 2017

Our household has five pets, three cats and two dogs, and they are all getting into the later years of their lives. I was looking into special pet beds meant to be comforting to pets with arthritis and I wondered what other special gadgets, treats, toys, etc are geared toward senior pets? What can you recommend?

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Elevate food bowls so the animals do not have to bend.
Consider elevated beds.
Food changes are also relevant.
Steps to help pets to get up to places they might not be able to get to anymore.

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For dogs,Gains Cycle 4 rather than Science Diet Senior.
My dog had a big soft bed that didn’t rise too high off the floor, almost like a big pillow. But he got to the point that he couldn’t get his hind legs up on it so he would just lie down, half on, half off. I always had to hoist his back end up or down stairs, the car, anything.

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Rick installed a handicap ramp for our old dog so she doesn’t have to fight the stairs on the deck.

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I have been hearing good things about the new My Pillow pet beds especially with older pets. It’s big feature it is machine washable. I have the Human pillows and love mine to death. Read the reviews as one reviewer suggests getting promo codes to get a discount off the rather pricey beds.

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I changed over to a softer dog food so she doesn’t have to crunch so hard.

We also cut her a lot of slack that we wouldn’t have when she was younger. Like, I was on the deck. She came out and laid down in front of the door like she always does. When it was time for her to come in, she didn’t budge! When she was younger we would have shoved her in the door…but when she was younger she never disobeyed us. Well, I just shut the gate to the deck, shut the door lightly, so it didn’t latch, and left her there. She can just push open the door when she wants to come in. Here she comes now.

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If your beloved companion enjoys sleeping with you, but can no longer jump up on your bed, you can buy a ramp. You can save both your animal and yourself from being lonesome at night.

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We have a ramp to help her get in and out of the SUV. I wish it was longer though. It’s awfully steep.

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