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What was the secret behind Grigori Rasputin?

Asked by Berserker (33509points) March 10th, 2017

The self proclaimed holy man who gained influence in imperial Russia after befriending the family of Tsar Nicholas II, and who also healed their son, who was a hemophiliac. I read a little about this guy in a history magazine and on Wiki.
It’s surprising how little people seem to know about the facts behind him. When I read the article it was a brief outline of what this guy did, so I figured by looking him up I would learn some facts.
Not only are many key events about him uncertain, but it seems we do not know what Rasputin himself was thinking. Did he really think, himself, that he was a holy man and a healer? Or did he know he was a charlatan? Did he really want influence in the imperial court, or did he somehow just end up there?

For example, he seemed to know that for the Tsar’s son to heal, the latter had to relax, not be stressed and let his body naturally heal itself. Back then people didn’t know much about hemophilia so the doctors were trying anything on the kid. By ceremoniously barging in the room and knocking over all the medicine, Rasputin solved a problem; aspirin apparently does not mix well with hemophilia. But did Rasputin even know this?

He did not learn to read until later in his life, loved drinking and spending time with prostitutes, I don’t imagine he was the most educated man ever, especially not about something like hemophilia, which doctors back then didn’t even know much about.

There is so much mystery and rumors about him that have yet to be debunked. Even the events of his death are vague. Apparently most of his predictions were true, even after he himself died. That, or I am reading all the wrong things.

So what is the secret behind this guy? Was he a mastermind? I don’t think it’s very easy to manipulate and use Russian imperialists. Or was he nuts, and very lucky for a while? I personally believe that science should be able to explain most of everything about him. Where can such information be found?

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He was an agent for @ragingloli.

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I should think a Russian historian would be your best bet.

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It’s Russia. Logic and common sense have given up on that place long ago.

Seriously, nothing makes sense in there…

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@Patty_Melt Probably. Where am I going to find one though lol.

@Sneki95 How so?

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It’s a land of voluptuous Svitlanas and gigantic Ivans squatting and eating semenki adn drinking votka in front of churches that look like this, listening to monks playing drum and bass, and wearing Adidas suits. In the meantime, babushkas are chasing off bears from their yards and make pelmeni for the whole battalion, which is their grandson. Dogs use the subway. People use the inverted R and call everyone “batchyshka”. People go to sauna to be heated up to the point of burning while adult men beat them up with a bunch of oak leaves, and then get pored on with ice cold water.
Bizzare land and bizzare people, I tell ya.

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I watch this really cool show Curious & Unusual Deaths & they did a piece on how Rasputin was killed.
Fuck me did he take some putting to sleep, his enemies invited him round for dinner, poisoned his food & wine, shot the fucker 3 times & still he stumbled outside into the grounds where they shot him again & beat his brains out with big sticks.
For this alone, I love the mad bastard :D

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Check with Bucknell University. They seem to have a full resource of Russian history.
I don’t know who specifically you would contact there.

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@ucme The accounts of his death always seem to vary. It always starts with the poisoning and the gunshots. He survived both, (wiki says that he may not have been poisoned at all) that much is clear, but after that, either he was beaten to death, thrown into a river, or attempted to escape on foot and fell through the ice.

But…either way, your point stands; that’s one tough holy man.

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@Berserker Yeah I forgot that part wrapped him up in carpet & dumped him in a river, i’d love to think he was all like “never felt a fucking thing, is that all you heathens got?”

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Haha yeah. So apparently when he was shot, the guys left for a little while, and when they came back, Rasputin was on the ground where they left him. One guy neared, and Rasputin opens his eyes slasher movie style and just lunges at the guy. That’s awesome! I like to think he was all like, FUCK you guys, man!

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Hammer did a film about him starring Christopher Lee, wasn’t all that good & doesn’t do the badasserry justice, i’m yelling for a quality remake right now.

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