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What's the best way to get your kids ready for school starting?

Asked by truffles (89points) August 8th, 2008

I should be well rehearsed in this, but for some reason, I’m not.
Besides getting them to bed earlier starting NOW, what do you think helps?

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Make sure that they are eating at the approximate times. This includes breakfast (which may, in turn mean getting them up earlier). Having them eat at the school’s prescribed times now will ensure that they are not overly hungry during the school day. This should keep the little ones focused.

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have them go to bed on time, get their school supplies ready and organized.

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yes, the early to bed in advance approach is the first thing, but also try prepping them in the weeks ahead in little sidebar conversations about the looming new school year. when you get it in their heads, they tend to be ready for “the day.” try to do some last summer special events to avoid the “we didn’t do anything this summer” drama. go out with a bang and get them used to a daily school schedule based on mealtimes.

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get them new clothes for school, some kids tends to complain due to how they look.

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I agree with everything that’s been posted here so far. I should add my 14 yr. old daughter is ready to go back to school, now!! I think that is amazing.

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Reading-day trips to the library will help them get used to being indoors (put of the house) and “studying.” Also start after school activities now as to get them in the rhythm of the day. Same with cutting off tv and video games after a certain time (dinner for example).

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i love to read.

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Talk about how great it will be to go back. Have them participate in buying school supplies (Every fall I go out and get a new notebook and some pens just for me.) and school clothes. Ask them what they are looking forward to learning. Tell them anecdotes from your school experience at their age (tailored to the positive of course). Plan and have them participate in the planning the school year morning routine. (Where will books and assignment be?) Where do you want notes if they need something signed or need money?

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Subliminal messaging…..
Everyday, just repeat the mantra “School’s starting in…..weeks…days…tomorrow” ........
several times a day. It truly works. So does slowly reintroducing them to their usual school night routine.
Hell….give ‘em some homework! Seriously!
I always read to my boys. When they could read independently, I would have them retire to their rooms for half an hour (increasing by several mins. per day until school) and when they came out, I would ‘quiz’ them on what was read and present them with a few questions to answer. Utilizing both oral and written activities was not a ‘burden’ for them when it was repeated and the activities gradually lengthening day to day.

They were more than ready for school. And quite excited might I add.

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thanks everyone! great answers! I will start today!

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