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What are your thoughts on the Joe Mixon situation? (Details )

Asked by MrGrimm888 (16911points) March 11th, 2017

I’m on a cell, so I can’t add a link.

He’s a player who is about to enter the NFL Draft.

I recommend you look up a video of him hitting a woman on u-tube, before discussing this.

His combine numbers are comparable to “Zeek” Elliot’s.He was/is awesome. But wasn’t taped punching a girl…

Would you care about a player’s history, if they were on your team?

It was a couple years ago (for content,if that matters.)

In the video, she touches him first, but he just levels her. I couldn’t believe it. I have a hard time thinking of an excuse to EVER hit a female like that….

He was (prior to the videos recent release) projected to be a 1st round pick. Now, nobody knows where he will be drafted, if at all.

My personal opinions aside, he is a very young man. Others have committed crimes, and grew up to be great men.

Is this act unforgivable?

It’s certainly deplorable.

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I went to view videos. I saw the punch, the discussion with the cops, the apology, and some differing feedback from different sources after the apology.

I think the apology was lame, and late. That girl should not have to share an apology with his team, his school, his family. He even said, ”...but most of all, to my family…”
He also attempted to make it sound like self defense. It all erupted from he and friends disrespecting her friend (who didn’t get an apology). She and her friend left whatever was being said, and went inside a place to vent, and chill. He entered, following them, negating their attempt to escape his behavior. While it is true she struck first, his punch was retaliation-escalation, not self defense. I see his apology not as regret that he’d hit her, he still attempted to make an excuse for that. He was apologizing for the camera catching him do it, displaying how hard she went down. He was sorry for getting caught, not for hitting the girl, or harrassing her friend.
His attack was aggressive, and unrestraned. He marched into that place, approached her table, with attitude, and uninvited. By contrast, his apology was lame.
If he were accepted to any school, any team, there should be no scholarship offered.

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He appears at the doorway, she beckons him to the table. I see no attitude in his body language—he is walking slowly and his hands are at his sides while he waits for her to finish whatever she is saying to the person across the table from her. She then turns to look at him, rises to face him, pushes him with both hands into his chest (physical assault). He is first pushed back by her initial action, then lunges in an aggressive feint toward her—fist balled but still at his side—and she goes for his head. It is a slap. He counters with a quick and powerful right hook.

Precisely what I would have done if a man had done the same to me.

He way over-reacted to a slap from a female.

LOL. And she got a lesson in gender equality.

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Pussy-Rugby players are violent meatheads. What else is new?

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@Patty_Melt . He was already accepted to a college. Now he is entering the NFL draft. The NFL has a strict policy on domestic violence, but it only covers actove, current NFL players. This guy will essentially receive no real punishment…

@Espiritus_Corvus . I agree. Part for the course,as far as man on man, crazy for a man to do to a female. And unfortunately, yes,she had a life lesson.

@ragingloli . Some are, but most aren’t. Lots of players are repulsed by the footage.

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Oh yes, I knew that. I guess I have high school on the brain right now. A boy at my daughter’s school died this week.
Geez, so the NFL can’t do anything. That sux.

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Well. I’m hoping he was just a young idiot. Hopefully he will go on to at least do good things for the community of the team that drafts him.

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@MrGrimm888 The deal is this: If a man comes at you in an aggressive way, and you got nowhere to go, you must retaliate immediately with full force to minimize damage to yourself. Don’t hesitate for an instant. Most men know this and know how dangerous it is to lunge at, or take a swing at another man and therefore never do it. So the rule is never, ever touch another person or their property without consent. According to the law in every place I’ve ever been, to even touch another person in any way without consent constitutes assault.

My personal rule, as far as women who would initiate violence against me, is to treat them as one would a juvenile unless they show sign of martial arts or have a weapon. It is dangerous to cut slack like that, but this is the one and only instance that I can think of that society will not accept gender equality and I’m not about to go to jail on a felony domestic for some goddamned woman who can’t control herself. You get tagged for a felony domestic and it will follow you around like a child predator charge. You’ll wash dishes for the rest of your life.

In this respect, I’m considered old school; O.G. I see more and more younger men who won’t make that distinction and won’t tolerate aggressive action from either sex. It’s the dumbest thing a woman can do.

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^Yeah. I agree.

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This was a serious assault that broke bones in a woman’s face. NFL players are looked up to as role models and Mixon has disqualified himself from that.

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