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What are your thoughts on the Joe Mixon situation? (Details )

Asked by MrGrimm888 (16911points) March 11th, 2017

I’m on a cell, so I can’t add a link.

He’s a player who is about to enter the NFL Draft.

I recommend you look up a video of him hitting a woman on u-tube, before discussing this.

His combine numbers are comparable to “Zeek” Elliot’s.He was/is awesome. But wasn’t taped punching a girl…

Would you care about a player’s history, if they were on your team?

It was a couple years ago (for content,if that matters.)

In the video, she touches him first, but he just levels her. I couldn’t believe it. I have a hard time thinking of an excuse to EVER hit a female like that….

He was (prior to the videos recent release) projected to be a 1st round pick. Now, nobody knows where he will be drafted, if at all.

My personal opinions aside, he is a very young man. Others have committed crimes, and grew up to be great men.

Is this act unforgivable?

It’s certainly deplorable.

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