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Are there any TV channels that broadcast the same thing at the same time, across the nation?

Asked by Dutchess_III (38013points) March 13th, 2017

When I was kid, you know that everyone watched The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. I dated a guy who grew up in Selma, Alabama and when he heard “Heeeeeeeere’s Johnny!” through all of the open windows in town he knew it was time to hightail it for home. And woe unto him if he was late. Millions of kids fell asleep to Ed Ed McMahon announcement that opened the show every single night.
Everyone watched Carol Burnett.
Everyone watch Laugh In.
Every teenager was watching SNL.
With only 3 channels, it’s a good bet that everyone in the country was watching the same thing at the same time.

Do ABC, NBC, CBS still broadcast the same things in every state?

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Yes, they are the major broadcast networks.

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Yes those are the three majors, with Fox and The CW.

Ion is a broadcast network but uses blocks of reruns for local areas.

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No, the broadcast networks do not.

East and Central time on NBC and CBS and ABC is the same, and sometimes Mountain time.

But the west coast (pacific time) gets their own feed.

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I had a discussion with a friend on FB who lives in CA and she said, “We both see The Big Bang theory on CBS.” I went through every show on CBS for two days. CBS does not carry the Big Bang Theory. Fox does though.

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I live in FL. It’s really shocking to me that the entire country doesn’t get The Big Bang Theory on CBS. TBS is reruns as far as I know. I’m glad you asked this Q, because I hope someone else can verify prime time shows on major networks aren’t shown in all cities. I just find that very odd. If I moved to another state, I would never expect that I can’t still see shows like Big Bang, Grey’s Anatomy, or any other prime time show, in the current season.

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For all I know they are in the current season. Just carried by a different network. I don’t know because I don’t watch them. Sorry…I had you confused with Judi.

Maybe we should do some Fluther sluthering. Compare what shows are on CBS at what time.

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What city are you in? What cable network or satellite do you use? Let’s look up the TV Guide.

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What’s your cable company? I can’t figure out the website for your CBS affiliate. It’s driving me crazy.

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I just read something that said the next episode from the current season will be airing on March 30th. I don’t mean for Wichita, I just mean in general, but as I said, I’m shocked that it isn’t nationwide. It makes no sense to me considering it’s a CBS show.

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Cox. Why would the cable company make a difference? But look it up @JLeslie. Day after tomorrow I’ll work on it too. Have a funeral to go to tomorrow Shudder.

So if we had ESPN, and Rick wanted to watch football on Sunday, he’d have to watch what ever team they decided to feature @Rarebear, instead of his choice (the Chiefs)?

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The cable company doesn’t make a difference, I’m just hoping their website is easier to search for the show.

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Let me know what you find out. I’m curious.

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