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He seems to have been “inspired” to tweet his hateful nonsense after learning about a conspiracy theory propagated by the Alt-right publication Breitbart News. Which is to say no evidence at all.

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A mirage. Or a gnome. Could have been a leprechaun. Or a spider!

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The fact that Flynn’s name was released to the press identifying him and his conversation with the Rusky ambassador is a dead giveaway there was a wire tap. The other form of proof is supposedly all phone calls with foreign higher ups are automatically recorded and transcripts of those phone calls can be ordered for review. Again it is the disclosure of Flynn’s name who was a US citizen at the time is where the real crime was committed.

I heard on a morning talk show that there is growing interest in that it may have been the British Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) that could have funneled the information to WaPo. They said that the GCHQ has 24/7 monitoring of these diplomatic phone calls as part of our joint intelligence gathering and by the GCHQ releasing the info there will be zero US intelligence fingerprints on this dirty deed.

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Trump has a psychological condition known as megalomaniacal paranoia.

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“Evidence, to god-damned hell with evidence! We have no evidence. In fact, we don’t need evidence. I don’t have to show you any stinking evidence, you god-damned cabrĂ³n and chinga tu madre!”

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@flutherother What ever form said evidence would come it will reveal a lot of methods and sources I am not sure we should disclose even if it directly implements Barack, Biden, Hillary or @stanleybmanley.

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I think that Trump is fighting fake news with fake news.

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A fake news post on the neo nazi website Breitbart.
He already let a week long deadline, to give evidence, pass without providing a single shred of evidence.
And then he backtracked by claiming that he did not mean “wiretap”, when he said “wiretap”.

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@Cruiser You think it’s actually true? For the same reason Trump thinks it’s true. You heard it on an early morning news program. Let me guess which one…...

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@cazzie The more I read up on this the more I do believe it is true. What we/I do know is the British intelligence iin Aug 2015 first tipped off the FBI that they had found evidence Russia hacked the DNC servers and felt Russia was attempting to influence the election. June of 2016 FBI request a FISA warrant to search Trumps phone conversations with Russia, It was denied because the FBI had already conducted investigations into alleged Russia/Trump banking ties and found nothing. In Oct the FBI requested a narrower focus FISA Warrant request and it was granted. The searches conducted then was when the Flynn conversations were discovered. FBI, CIA, Obama all know that if they reveal this info their fingerprints are all over the leak. So with their then support from British intelligence it is not a huge stretch to consider that the British GCHQ who has all the same intelligence would then at the FBI/Obama behest release the intelligence that was gathered under the FISA warrant investigation. They could get away with disclosing Flynns name as I doubt we could prosecute them for that illegal activity. Again the mere fact that whoever disclosed the conversation between the Russian ambassador and Flynn’s name is unequivocal proof that a wire tap was done and releasing Flynn’s name is highly illegal. Not sure what to expect will ever come out of these investigations as I am sure there is strong desires in the Obama camp, the UK intelligence, Russian intelligence and perhaps even Trumps team that the exact cause of the leak is never revealed. If the true source of the leak is ever revealed some very high ups will be in a very compromising position.

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You don’t list your references, so you’re as reliable as Faux news.

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@ragingloli fake news

Is that the same as alternative facts?

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@Cruiser are you even aware of what Flynn was doing before he joined the Trump campaign? You should look into that. If anyone was legally under surveillance it was Flynn. Why do you think Flynn was making phone calls from Trump Towers and not some other place? That makes no sense.

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@cazzie I never said where Flynn was making his calls as that is irrelevant as it was the Russian ambassador that was and is under surveillance. So whoever called this ambassador their calls were recorded. SOP. That includes Trump, Hillary, Podesta….anyone and EVERYONE knows this especially Flynn. What no one expected was for Flynn a US citizen at the time name to be revealed having had that conversation. It was a leak specifically designed to derail Trump’s Presidency and cast doubt over the validity of the election. The FBI did a thorough investigation and found zero evidence of election tampering. The question still remains, who leaked Flynn’s name which again is a very serious Federal offense in our country and why I am leaning towards the UK intelligence leaking this info.

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Last I read, the FBI, and CIA and NSA all agreed that the Russians did hack the election, but what ever. You’re going to believe your alt facts. I’ll stick to reality.

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@cazzie Your comment deserves links as I am scouring lib Dem and GOP news sites 24/7 for ANY indication of proof either way and coming up with nothing more than conjecture. For what you have served as tangible evidence I will simply say you are navigating an alternate universe that suits your narrative and has zero basis in facts let alone reality.

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@cazzie Here is a LINK that you asked for from CNN of all places that drills deeper on this issue….what do you have up your sleeve that says this is all GOP BS?

“The leaders of the House Intelligence Committee asked the three leaders of the intelligence community Wednesday about any time during the last seven months of the Obama administration whenever any of its agents and officials improperly named, or “unmasked,” and disseminated the identities of American citizens picked up in intelligence collection.”

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@Cruiser He was a politician appointed to a high position and he was LYING. I say, expose the corrupt assholes.

And the CIA DOES know that Russia hacked the election. ‘There is also evidence that entities connected to the Russian government were bankrolling “troll farms” that spread fake news about Clinton. Investigators also found digital footprints of individuals tied to the Russian government who had been on intelligence agencies radar before, as was acknowledged when the intelligence agency put out a public statement in October.’ source:

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@Cruiser to quote your own words to @cazzie ”...I will simply say you are navigating an alternate universe that suits your narrative” How funny is that? Trump says that he’s president material, he shows again and again that he is not, and still people follow him and make him president. Whether you call that alternate universe material or not…that is a horrid thing, for you your country (where now, anyone can be a president (but not in the good sense) the world.

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@flo Your answer makes zero sense “that is a horrid thing, for you your country (where now, anyone can be a president (but not in the good sense) the world.” and I am not laughing.

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@Cruiser, You can use your response anywhere, anytime.

“Your answer makes no sense “2+2=4” and I’m not laughing”

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Sean Spicer, the White House spokesman, shifted tack recently on this issue quoting Fox News analyst Andrew Napolitano as saying “Three intelligence sources have informed Fox News that President Obama went outside the chain of command. He didn’t use the NSA, he didn’t use the CIA, he didn’t use the FBI and he didn’t use the Department of Justice, he used GCHQ.”

The normally non-committal GCHQ replied saying the latest allegations were “nonsense” and “utterly ridiculous” and should have been ignored.

The US has agreed not to repeat the accusations.

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