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Is there a list of items that take the least and the most amount of battery power?

Asked by flo (12974points) March 14th, 2017

Is there a list of the many everyday consumer items that take the least and the most amount of battery power?
Flashlight, for example is one of the things that takes the least amount.

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How can you expect a practical answer to a question like this? The flashlights alone are so varied in power requirements that you can waste the rest of your life cataloging the differences.

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Anything that makes heat would gobble up the electricity. Like a toaster.

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A conventional flashlight with an incandescent bulb takes a huge amount of battery power to run, that is why they need D cells.

My TV remote can go a couple years on a couple of AA batteries.

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Electric cars have huge batteries and take a lot of power. But they recharge it automatically.

Watches take a small amount of power.

Vibrators with a rotating motor are somewhere in the middle.

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Electric kettles would be up near the top of electricity usage.

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A tesla would be probably on the high usage end of the scale.

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Simply read the power or current rating in the device.

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I did some Googling and I couldn’t find a specific hierarchical list.

As has been mentioned, I guess the low end would be a digital wristwatch.
The remote for my blue ray player runs on 2 AAA batteries.
My 15”-long Mag incandescent flashlight is powered by 4 D batteries.

I used to work at a telecommunications central office for AT&T. The backup-power generator was a massive, 12,000 cubic-inch reciprocating engine. I’d say it took about 50 times as much battery power to start as it would for a standard size car.

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12,000 cu≈196,645 cc.

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Great answers, thanks all.

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So, among the following things, would the most ordianary household flashlight (unlike the one in the list below) take the least amount?

“D cells are typically used in high current drain applications, such as in large flashlights, radio receivers and transmitters, boomboxes, products with electric motors, safety systems, Geiger counters, megaphones,”

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….I don’t know what it means by “large falshlight” though. A small one would be one that fits in the palm of a hand or a ballpoint pen flashlight.

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…the ballpoint pen flashlights don’t require batteries,

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So air conditioner, vacum cleaner humidifier, kettle, iron, hairdryer, toaster, what else are found in the average middle or lower middle class poor household?

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You should know the capacity and power of your vehicle is using.

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