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Have you managed to reduce apnea symptoms or did you resort to CPAP?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21639points) March 14th, 2017

What has your experience been?

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CPAP. Works wonderfully. I sleep so soundly now as compared to 15–20 years ago. Totally recommend it.

If you doc is suggesting it, I have some ideas for you to consider – send me a direct message,

But it works great. I’m a big supporter.

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3 years ago I got SnoreRX and it changed both mine and my wife’s life. I wake up so much more refreshed. Look around for BOGO deals. Worth every penny IMO.

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I use a moldable mouthpiece and it keeps me from snoring. It’s alot like what @Cruiser is using only you mold it yourself.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me Just to be clear the device I posted is also a mouth piece you boil and bite into to get a perfect snug fit.

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Huh, but it’s adjustsable too?

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@ZEPHYRA I don’t have personal experience but saw a device on “indiegogo” which goes on your nose. Looks like it fit into nostrils a bit with most of it external. I’d check that one out. No masks tubing etc. I will see if I can find it and get a link.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me Yes it is. It will allow you to articulate your jaw to your hearts content.

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How often do you replace it. Mine gets replaced every few months

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@ARE_you_kidding_me I get over a year or more out of each device unless my dog steals it off the nightstand. Very well made device…I have tried them all and this one is tops. I have yet to tap my dentist for their version though. I got a 2–4-1 sale and waiting for the next one to get 2 more.

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My dog steals mine too lol.

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I had a very different experience from everyone else.

Some years ago I was having trouble sleeping, did the sleep lab test (which cost a fortune) and was told I had apnea.

Got a CPAP, tried a variety of masks but kept waking up night after night tearing the damn thing off.

Gave up the machine after 3 months and started sleeping better than I had in years.

Phooey on sleep labs.

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Since my husband started using nasal strips, he went from nearly constant, loud snoring to an occasional loud breath during the night.

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@YARNLADY, I agree about nasal strips. They work great for me, too.

(And for MY trunk, can you picture how big that strip is!?)

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