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Contest: When is Trump going to drop the next Twitter bomb?

Asked by ARE_you_kidding_me (19773points) March 14th, 2017

Take a guess in days. Whoever gets the closest estimate will be forever immortalized on my profile page. Only other rule is it must make headline news.

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When he gets asked about the budget or debt ceiling.

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Guess in # of days.

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Thursday 6am Eastern

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(This answer is applicable to anytime this question is asked.)

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Let’s start a pool.

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Post the date of your response in your response. Today is 3–14

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Sometime during or soon after Rachel Maddow’s declaration about his tax returns tonight. (March 14, 2017 between 9 PM and midnight)

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He has been tweeting all along. Trump is doing the happy farmer dance because you all gobble up his distractions. You have not learned your lesson and it seems as he is playing you and CNN/MSNBC all like a fiddle.

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I don’t know when Trump is going to release the twitter bomb but the white house released a bomb just today.
In 2005 Trump paid 38 MILLION DOLLARS in taxes. Rachel Maddow said she was going to leak his 2005 tax returns (Which is a federal crime) but a half hour before her show the white house released them.
So hopefully Trump tweets about it tonight, if he hasn’t already.

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The Ides of March at 9:20 am EDT.

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two days, that is 3/17/17.

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^^^^^ That was mine. I will narrow it down to before 9AM, EST.

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Today, 15 March, in 30 minutes time.

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March 18th, 2017. 6:47 PM, EST.

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St. Patties day.

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March 19th, 3pm

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Looks like he skipped the twitter and “leaked” two pages of a 12 year old tax return instead to distract us from the Trumpcare abortion which, incidentally, is banned under Trumpcare so it kinda puts the Republicans in an awkward situation

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Obama must have stolen Trump’s mobile.

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His handlers stored his mobile in the microwave and he is too terrified to go get it out.

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His tweet about snoop dog may be the one that makes it. March 15 may have it.

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Looks like the winner is.. @JLeslie!

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