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Parents of army-age youth - how do you feel about sending your sons and daughters to fight North Korea?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28860points) March 17th, 2017

Secretary of State Tillerson is threatening to take things to the ‘next level’ and that the time for strategic patience is over.

- Will this be an undeclared war like Vietnam?

- Will the US restart the draft?

- How do you feel about fighting a war in Asia?

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My sister’s son tried to join the Navy a few years ago. I was supportive of the idea. I was pretty sure we would have different president at the time. Now I am very glad he got rejected for having tattoos the Navy considered unacceptable.

And if one thing should be learned is that every country needs to accelerate their nuclear program (just stay hush about it) to prevent aggression from the United States.

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I have absolutely no qualms about telling my son I do not support him joining the military until and unless this country comes to its damn senses. I am not sending my only offspring to be cannon fodder for an oligarch mob hit.

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^^LOL. You sound just like my mom during the Vietnam War. A good, smart woman through and through. I wish there were many more like you, Seek.

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Will they have a choice if war like Vietnam starts again?

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Seek… If there is the draft Devi can write I* a note saying he has bone spurs in his heel.

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@johnpowell – And I’d take her up on that. Hell, with my family history we could drum up a raging mental illness with a quickness, too.

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Let the people who own the country do some fighting for a change.

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And if needed the little guy always has a place on my couch to avoid the pigs.

But I don’t think the draft will ever be necessary ever again. We can level countries from 60K feet now. And the draft is political suicide. (this isn’t a good thing)

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I’m so glad my kids are beyond the age but my grandkids will be coming of age in a few years and I’m scared shitless.

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I will send my kids, When draft dodger Trump send HIS kids!

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