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Who does this? Are people really this deceitful?

Asked by Lonelyheart807 (1395points) March 17th, 2017

So our company has a process where you can donate funds into the company to help children in need (or, supposedly, employees, although that turned out to be a bunch of crap.) They take a predetermined amount of money out of your paycheck every pay period. I never joined, as I didn’t like the way it worked, nor did I like the pressure put on us as employees to join.

It’s a feather in a program director’s cap if they get all of their employees to sign up, but, as I said, I never did. I was searching online for something, and came across the newsletter for our company from last year. Apparently my boss submitted my name as a donor.

Wow! Just wow! Wondering if I can get him in trouble over this…

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I was treasurer for a club in university and the teacher made bogus student memberships, to get more funding. I quit , and he got away with it. My dad also gave crappy Christmas presents to family and he signed my name to the gift. As to your boss you would need to ask a lawyer about it.

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I’ll ask him why he did this to you. His position as your superior does not grant him the right to use your name for the sake of his or company’s project without asking for your agreement first. You can legally get him in to problem if the project that used your name has caused a significant loss on your side, this will be labeled as defamation in the court. Maybe reporting this HR department will solve the issue.

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@Unofficial_Member…no loss on my part, as no money was taken out of my check…just fraudulent use of my name to make him look good. Grrrr!!

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I’d probably do this if only one person on my team didn’t donate. I’d just donate on their behalf and call it a day rather than have one person’s name missing.

I would honestly never think it would offend anyone unless there was a specific cause attached to the donations.

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@funkdaddy…he had no right to do this without my permission…and this is the second time he used my name without my permission. The first time they were trying to get everyone to sign up for a 5k walk. With my health issues, I was not going to be able to participate. I went on the website for the walk at one point, and there was my name, listed as one of the team.

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@Lonelyheart807 – I understand you’re upset, and I’m sorry about that. I’m not saying it would be right, I just wouldn’t see there being any actual harm in adding your name to a contribution rather than having one person left out. Especially with financial contributions, those choices can be complicated, but helping children in need doesn’t sounds like a controversial cause.

People make contributions to charity in other’s names all the time. It’s generally not considered an insult.

I’m not saying I’m right, I’m simply trying to give another perspective. It may have never occurred to them that you would be upset, as it would not have occurred to me.

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Perhaps they were just lazy and copy and pasted the list of employees. That is something I would do.

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Why would you want to get someone into trouble for this? I don’t really see an upside to that.

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Why @BellaB ? Because this is just one of many examples of what a lying SOB my boss is. I am so tired of him getting what he wants and telling lie after lie to do so. I feel like I was used.

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So what is your ideal outcome? You narc on the boss and they probably get by and then the boss hates you and your reviews go to shit and you are unemployed in six months.

I know it sucks but this is the wrong thing to fall on the sword for.

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@johnpowell ‘s got it right.

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@Lonelyheart807: You work in a school, right?

You’ve asked multiple questions about your job over the past year which indicate you’re not happy at work.

I’m guessing in this case, your boss (who I am assuming is the Principal of the school) probably submitted everyone’s name as a “team” list. Is that correct? It sounds like he put every employee down as a member of the team.

To me, as long as no money was taken from my check without my permission, I wouldn’t mind being called part of a team that helps needy children.

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@Lonelyheart807 Someone, likely your boss, paid for your donation. It just wasn’t worth the effort to try to convince you to do it. The way I see it your boss put your name in so every other team member would not know you were the only one who didn’t.

Here’s a little bit of free advice for you. When employers are looking to hire or promote someone one of the key factors they use is “Works well with others” or “Can work in a team”. Do you think you will be looking for a promotion , or a new job in the future?
Sure, you can skip going to the lunch for the old guy who retired, or you can not contribute $1 to the some kid’s project, or you can not contribute a buck to the company charity. But, that little bit of money might be the best investment you ever made.
It might even help you change your avatar name.

I’d look in the mirror and rethink this whole issue.

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Yet another battle not worth fighting. Your boss did you a favor by including you on that list, as you would have stood out as cheap and uncaring for being the only one who does not participate. The damage to your reputation would likely be worse than the enhancement to his.

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You have posted a few questions where you are already having issues with your boss. I would leave this alone. Why would you want to give him more reasons to dislike you? My advice is to stay under the radar at work until you find another job. If you confront him he can just say that someone else typed up the list and he didn’t proofread it or that all of his employees are considered his team. Really, stop looking for things to be mad about. Look for things to be happy about and to laugh about.

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And to expand just a hit on what @chyna said, remember that you getting another decent may well depend on how your boss perceives you. Any potential employer will likely talk to him about your performance.

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Just some advice on another way to look at your situation, @Lonelyheart807, based on questions you’ve asked about this job including this one you asked very recently but didn’t follow up on but I suspect it was about your boss:

There are no perfect jobs, no perfect bosses and no perfect employees. I work for an organization that represents employees in disputes and with disciplinary issues. Employees call me all the time (and I mean ALL THE TIME) about petty bullshit regarding their boss and they want to know if it’s something they can grieve through a formal process. It starts with some perceived slight on the part of the boss (or maybe it starts with the employee, who knows). It becomes a head-butting situation, the employee gets back at the boss, the boss gets back at the employee. The employee won’t bend an inch, the boss won’t bend an inch. The employee is utterly miserable, the boss is stuck (as these are union jobs) and probably secretly hoping the employee will transfer elsewhere or just change and become a team player.

Nobody wants a miserable employee in the workplace. No boss wants that, no coworker wants that.

Think of the plus side of working for a school. I, personally, would love to work for a school system, being a single mother and dealing with paying for child care and living in an area where it snows. When it snows, the staff stays home and doesn’t have to use a vacation day or personal day (which they get many of like I do, as a government worker). They get holiday break, Winter break, Spring break, more time off in summer, get to leave work at 3:30 (although they start earlier than I do). Try to look at the good side of your job. It’s a job many people would love to have, not only single moms. A clerical job in a school system is seen as a cushy job by many. I can assure you, as a union member and someone who represents the union and has been a government worker for over 20 years, a clerical job in a school system is cushy and coveted by many, including me. If I could handle the big pay cut, I would take a clerical job in a school system in a heartbeat.

So try not to look at your boss as an ogre and try not to look at everything he does as evil and malicious. He has a job to do, too and if you are happy and the staff is happy with good morale, it is good for the whole team. If you are miserable and unhappy and viewing everything he does as evil and possibly looking to sue him or whatever, it’s not going to make him trust you or like you and it’s not good for the team as a whole.

Like I said, there are no perfect jobs. No perfect bosses and no perfect employees.

Another thing is EVERY job has its advantages and disadvantages. Try to look at the advantages of your job. If you get a new job, that job will have pluses and minuses too. You may get a new job and long for the advantages of your present job. Maybe you’ll get a new job and hate that boss, too.

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If you’re not into joining anything and your name shows up in any list it’s best to talk to him about it. This is not good, because it can be a legal issue where they are taking money from your check without your authority.
You have to defend yourself from unauthorized use of your name. Someone is falsifying your signature somewhere and it’s wrong. You have the right to ask questions. No one can force you do anything. If they falsified your signature get legal help on this issue. See an attorney depending on where you live. Learn about your rights as a worker.

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Nobody took money from her check, @NormaPadro.

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If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Why would you want to try to get that person in trouble if what they did doesn’t hurt or affect you?

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So what if he did it to make himself look good? He did nothing to make you look bad.
Do you feel some sort of glory from non participation?
So your name got on a couple of lists. It was most likely accidental, but even if it wasn’t, non of it cost you anything, or harmed you in any way.
Do your job, and quit looking for ways to burn your boss.

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@LonelyHearts. It’s very rare that Jellies all give the same advice. When they do, maybe it’s time to listen. You have to either change your situation or yourself so that you are not so reactive all the time.

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RoA #198: “Employees are the rungs on your ladder to success – don’t hesitate to step on them.”

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