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If you never received bills for the remaining debt on furniture, could it have been forgotten?

Asked by Yellowdog (4523points) March 19th, 2017

My girlfriend and I are struggling with an extremely high electrical bill (about 3x what neighbors and previous tenants have paid—we don’t know why) and a Verizon phone bill (our phones went from $70 a month to bills over $200—no changes .. yes .. we’ll have to just abandon the contract because of these sporatic and random, meaningless charges and fees… )

But here’s the deadbeat in us.

We had to buy some furniture on a long-term payment plan… about $1,500 worth… and had to make a $500 deposit plus would be billed about $25 a month over a plan of something like six years.

Well, maybe there was no bill in February because it was the first month and our deposit was made close enough to the beginning of February for furniture purchased late in January…

But as we approach the end of March, we still haven’t received a first bill for a payment, nor any way to pay. The sales clerk who helped us doesn’t know either but says she’ll look into it. She hasn’t… or did it to no avail.

Now, I realize that you jellies are responsible people and wise about penalties and contracts. But is it possible that this was just a mistake in the accounting department and no further bills would be forthcoming… ?

Can we just ignore this and hope its forgotten about ?

What, if anything, and how far should we go… to make payment if we are not receiving bills or notices?

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I wouldn’t ignore it. Somewhere, some time, it will come back and bite you in the ass.

Is this a national company or a local company? If it’s local, keep calling and work your way up the corporate ladder.

If it’s national, then call the national credit people.

don’t blow it off, some time in the future it will come back on you.

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If it had been a few years then maybe the debt might have been written off, but a month? No. You may not have received a bill yet, but you will.

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When you signed up for the credit, there has to be an address and/or phone number of the company who loaned the money. I’d call and not delay. There might be a clause in the contract that states if you miss a payment, you owe the entire debt in full with fees. Then you’re really screwed.

I would never borrow money in this way because they are counting on you screwing up, defaulting and that’s where they make their huge profits.

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It won’t just go away no. You need to keep calling the company and/or, just sending in the payments you know you owe. There might be some accounting error but they will not just forget you owe them $1,500.00. It will come back to bite you in the ass as @elbanditoroso said. It’s your responsibility to stay on it until you get it figured out with the Co.

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You owe. Pay.

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I’ve dealt with this issue myself in the past, several times, and every time I convinced myself a debt had been forgotten, I wound up getting a late bill and owing more than the original obligation.

I agree with @kritiper. One, you owe it and will feel better about yourself when you pay it. Not paying it could easily mess up your credit report.

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My credit score’s already in the negative, but I get the point.

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I have had it happen too. I have wondered if they don’t sometimes do these things intentionally to charge late fees.

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The only time I sometimes wait to pay something is with medical expenses. I usually wait until the second bill (as horrible as that sounds), because often I get the first bill before insurance has had time to pay all or most of it. What’s the point of sending in the payment (which I don’t always have right then), and then having to be refunded once the insurance pays?

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You owe the money whether you receive a bill or not. Go to the store and get it straightened out. It is not too late to adult and care about things like credit scores and reputations.

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