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Why do men lose there hair and women dont?

Asked by joevip (155points) August 8th, 2008
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women lose their hair too…

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not me though….lol

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Male Pattern Baldness, the most common type of hair loss is a sex-linked trait (carried on the x chromosome). Males have an X and Y but females have a pair of Xs. If a male were to inherit the baldness gene, then he would most likely exhibit signs if baldness. If a female inherits the gene, she needs to have it encoded on both x chromosomes for her to have symptoms of baldness (I believe it is because it is a recessive gene and gets canceled out if the other x isn’t encoded with the baldness gene). Well, males done have another X to fall back on so they will exhibit the symptoms with only one X actually having the gene encoded. The Y chromosome is like a switch. It switches on traits displayed on the X but can’t really cancel out the traits on the X. My genetics is a bit rusty, so I’m not a 100% confident in my reason. Plus, your diet and lifestyle affect baldness symptoms (e.g. too much stress).

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One word: Testosterone!

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Man lose their hair because then don’t care of hairs in compare to women and they have more tension then women. If you are a man or woman and facing the problem of hair lose then it became compulsory for you to care it and try to protect the hair lose or hair fall. To know the more tips to protect hair lose click on the given link:

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