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Is it true that married men are frequently guilty of losing most of their money through gambling?

Asked by Aster (18665points) March 19th, 2017

I read on another social site that it is fairly well known that, sooner or later, men lose their money through reckless gambling? Has anyone else heard of this?

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Nope! And both Mrs Squeeky and myself work way to hard to be that fucking stupid.

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Some men do. Some women do. A general statement like that is just ridiculous without backup documentation to show that is a true statement.

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I am going with @chyna on that would be nice to know where that came from,
It’s like saying, is it true that in time most wives drive their husbands to drink?
Kinda dumb thing to say with out some kind of backup like a news source ,or some other kind of article with research.

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No. That’s a silly generalization.

That being said, my Sicilian grandfather, whose flower shop was a front for a booking operation, did lose all his money (and his business) to gambling.

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No, that statement is false. The incidence rate is estimated at 2.2% of the population. Compare that to the incidence of alcoholism estimated at 14% of the population.

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I pissed away my inheritance by going to college’s business administration program , and failing. You could describe it as a gamble.

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That’s ridiculous. Just silly,.You need to be more choosy about where you get your information.

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Are you getting info from Facebook?

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I second absurd!

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Going to 3rd the absurd notion.

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I will 4th it.

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Anybody want to bet on the results?

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Fairly well known? I’ve heard that men are guilty of drinking their money away.

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That might be true of some men all of the time. and a lot of men almost all of the time, but certainly not all men all of the time.

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Not in my experience. As far as I know, I’ve heard of only one case of someone I’ve known whose husband did that.

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I would say this is bullshit when applied to the general population. Buuuuutt.

There is my uncle. So around 1998 a neighbor got him into stocks. So my uncle was the dude that just couldn’t accept a loss. He lost around 50K on Surely it will bounce back. In the end he lost around 800K.

So the dude gets really confident around 2006 and goes back in. He can get back the loss. Then 2008. Rinse and repeat.

Now the dude is day-trading. And he is just as shit at that. He needs to fucking stop. But now it is a addiction.

My mom and dad used to take us to Vegas once a year. Mom played nickle slots all day. Dad went with 10K he was cool at loosing at poker.

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I think gambling is for idiots but I do understand it’s an addiction like any other.

I don’t know where you are getting your info from @Aster, but “married men” are no more likely to be gambling addicts than married women, single men or single women.

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My wife and I go to the casino a couple times a year but neither of us have a problem. We may let ourselves go about $50 in the hole before we call it quits. That’s usually when we are ready to do something else anyway. I used to like playing blackjack when you could still find $5 tables but those days are gone so I don’t play blackjack anymore. Once a month we get an instant lotto ticket and scratch it off together, again it’s cheap entertainment. When you see people dropping hundreds at the casino or buying rolls of lotto tickets there is likely a problem.

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I think losing money itself is a guilty feeling. Being a married guy or single won’t makes any difference unless and until if the person is earning by hardwork. However a married guy is much more responsible person than a single (it may be same if his parents are dependent on him).
So in short it depends upon situation to situation.

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Why are we limiting this to married men? All men who gamble recklessly will eventually lose a lot of money.

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Why are limiting this to just men?
Anyone who gambles recklessly will lose a lot of money men, or women.

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Some one once told me the only guaranteed way to make a small fortune in a casino was to lose a large one.

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It must be true. Here is an Onion article.

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I love the Onion. It your link there’s an article that says “Trump Trying to Figure Out How to Unsubscribe from Boring National Security Email List.”

It’s hilarious and more than a little true, too.

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I still have my play-lunch money, you could have a lend of me.

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