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Do you know any interesting facts?

Asked by mhd14 (631points) March 20th, 2017

Anything which is interesting facts.

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If you’re using a grinding wheel attached to a power drill, ensure that the maximum allowed rotational speed of the wheel exceeds the rotational speed of the drill.

Otherwise, the wheel will explode into high-speed shrapnel and probably kill you.

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Polar bears can eat around 86 penguins in one sitting.
@Brian1946 has this personally happened to you? haha

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Andre the Giant, unquestionably the world’s greatest drunkard, once drank 119 beers (12 oz) in one sitting.

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When does a fact become simple trivia? @Darth_Algar ‘s answer, while undoubtedly a fact, dwindles into a Trivial Pursuit answer.

But @Darth – your note cries for more information. Did Andre have time off to visit the men’s room and unload? Or did he have the world’s largest bladder?

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@SergeantQueen Polar bears don’t eat penguins. They don’t live near each other except at the zoo.

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Roaches can’t back up. They can only move left,right, or forward. And yet they have thrived for so long…

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In all honesty, I was thinking this was a spam question or something based on the wording in the description.
Apparently, it’s not.
New Netherland is the original name for New York. The Dutch called it that. New Amsterdam is now New York City.

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Human’s eyes have an “autocorrect” function. If there is a too small error, the eyes will automatically fix it to conform to the brain’s expectation. This is why it is sometimes hard to detect small typos.

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Bogie’s role as Rick Blaine in Casablanca was initially offered to George Raft, who turned it down grousing that it was “too unimportant” a film for his talent.

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-Pigs can’t look above. They’ve never seen the sky.
-Vatican is the only state with no native citizens. No one is ever born there, everyone is a foreigner that moved in.
-Vincent Van Gogh sold only one painting in his entire life. It was The Red Vineyard.
-Charlie Chaplin once got a third prise in the competition for Charlie Chaplin’s body double.

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Chickens don’t need a rooster to lay eggs. Only if they want to hatch chicks do they need a rooster.

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Two wrongs don’t make a right, but three rights make a left.

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“Human’s eyes have an ‘autocorrect’ function. If there is a too small error, the eyes will automatically fix it to conform to the brain’s expectation. This is why it is sometimes hard to detect small typos.”

My Firefox spellcheck underlines typos with a red & squiggly line, so they’re usually easy to detect, unless I use the correct spelling of the wrong word.

However, that probably explains why my word omissions are harder to detect.

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The reverse of live is evil.

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The oldest thing you’ve probably ever seen, consumes 600 million tons of hydrogen per second.

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A Ph.d. emeritus means that you are not a professor anymore or retired .

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Yes I do, Adele has a penis inserted up her anus, this is how she reaches those high notes & yet retains that somehow manish persona.

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@Brian1946 I should have added that the eyes will do the autocorrect job if nothing or no one points to the error, unless you try to find it consciously. It’s still hard to detect errors even when you try to find them though thanks to the autocorrect function.

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@Sneki95 What if the pigs lay on their backs? Then they can see the sky.

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A parsec is the distance light travels in 3.26 light years, or about 19 trillion miles.
A new invasive species comes into San Francisco Bay at the rate of 1 every 14 days.

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George Jessel invented the Bloody Mary (his ex-wife’s name); it was half tomato juice and half Vodka ! ! !

A Red Snapper is made with Gin and Tomato juice.

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@Berserker Well, their eyes are on the sides of their head, so I doubt.

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In the 19th century, tobacco was used for ‘rectal inflation’: blowing smoke up the anus to resuscitate the drowned.

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Hippos sweat red fluid and have pink milk.

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Like circles, all parabolas have the same shape. What looks like a wide parabola closeup becomes thinner as you move away.

The first few decimal places of the mathematical constant e are fairly easy to memorize because there seems to be a pattern of sorts. e = 2.7 1828 1828 45 90 45…..

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Fig Newtons were named after Newton Massachusetts.

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Fig newtons aren’t cookies. Their fruit and cake. Wasn’t that the old commercial?

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I’ve been told cement can dry under water.

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@JLeslie did you tried it? Cement…...

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^^No, but I’ve seen sidewalks poured, and it rains right after, and it doesn’t seem to affect the cement negatively.

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There are many different mixtures of concrete. Some are better suited to aquatic environments.

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Cement is a powder used to make concrete. Concrete does/can dry, but to harden, it sets due to a chemical reaction.
The only cement trucks there are, are the ones that haul the powder to the concrete plant. The truck that brings concrete to the job site is a concrete mixer truck, or just concrete truck, although everyone calls it a “cement truck.”.

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In the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty it never says that he is an egg.

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^Is that true?...

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“Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall;
All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
Couldn’t put Humpty together again.”

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^That’s what I remembered, but I thought I must have forgotten something.

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I read that Humpty Dumpty may have originally a been riddle to find out who Humpty was, with the answer being an egg.

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There are more airplanes in the ocean than there are submarines in the sky

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@LostInParadise Haha oh where’s Lucy?

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I have a head full of them.

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^ Sharing is caring, y’know. If you know some interesting facts, give us some!

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Concave reflective surfaces vertically invert an image 90º.

E.g., if you look at your reflection in the part of a spoon that holds the liquid, it’ll be upside down.

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Richard Mille is the costliest watch brand overall. Many people misguided by media imagine that Rolex is the costliest and best watch brand, but it just spends twice as much on advertising as any other brand and has long had a huge publicity machine. In “Wristwatch Annual 2018”, the price range for Rolex is $6,200 to $62,500. The price range for Richard Mille is $67,000 to $1,939,000. We can perceive that Rolex’s costliest watch costs $4500 less than Richard Mille’s cheapest watch.

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@Brian1946 The concaave inversion is 180 degrees; if the lens inverted 90 degrees you would appear to be sideways.

@RedDeerGuy1 That’s Prophet, not Profit.

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The busts of Darth Vader and The Prophet Mohamed are in a monument in Washington D.C. .

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