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Hard nipples? MEN AND WOMEN?

Asked by HotAsIce911 (156points) August 8th, 2008

What does it mean for men and women when their nipples are hard? or is it the same for men and women? or what? yeah?

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Cold, aroused, or nothing at all.

But in may case, all three baby. ;)

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Men’s nipples are not have the same level of erogenous zone that women’s are. Trumi has the causes of hard nipples right.

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I’ve always wondered, do babies nipples get hard when they are cold? Does it start when they hit puberty? Weird but related.

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Mine never perk up.

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nayeight- Yes. Babies get hard nipples when cold.

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I know. Isn’t that cute?

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I have a fetish for hard nipples.

Cold, aroused, or just plain perky.

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Me too!

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arousal or just cold in the room or outside.

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@ninja: wow that’s plain weird lol jk. Spartans are better than ninjas.

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Taste like chicken.

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Um, it’s kind of nippy in here.

Mine nipp up when it’s cold. Maybe i’m not really a guy.

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Nipples can be “aroused”, sensitive and/or get hard without it being sexual per se. Their nerves get stimulated not just by cold but also by anything else they can feel (such as touching or friction). I remember noticing it a lot on myself as a very young boy when going around shirtless.

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