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What is the heaviest thing you've ever moved?

Asked by Dutchess_III (43717points) March 21st, 2017

I have moved a washer and a dryer, on a dolly, down steep basement stairs by myself.

My mom and my daughter helped me move a super heavy hide-a-bed couch down some stairs, to the basement. I took the end where most of the weight was carried. Geez. We had to tip it on end to position it in front of the basement door, then slowly let it through the doorway and down. They controlled from the top, and I was underneath, pushing underneath, slowly walking it down until we could slide it down the stairs. At one point my mom said, “Why don’t we just drop it!”
I’m UNDER this 300 pound couch, walking down the stairs backward, and I screamed, ”NOOO!!!” Yes, she might have done it if I hadn’t screamed! She just wasn’t very smart some times.

By far the heaviest thing, though, was when we were moving our office from one building to another. Using a dolly I wrestled a
completely full, 5 drawer metal filing cabinet onto a dolly. A big guy who was volunteering stepped up to roll it to the door, but he gave up, said it was too heavy…so I took over. Out the door and to the base of a ramp to haul it up into the bed of a truck.
I had the big, young guy push from the bottom while I hauled from the top. He didn’t think we could do it.
He made a big, huge production of grunting and sweating and moaning about how hard it was, then suddenly, half way up he just let go in defeat, throwing his arms up because it was so hard.
He looked down to rest for a moment, and didn’t notice that I had silently screamed “OH HOLY SHIT!” when all that weight unexpectedly hit me! I instantly locked my body up, locked my knees, locked my arms, locked my shoulders, straining backward with everything I had not to let it fall back down the ramp! It would have been a disaster, not to mention dumbass was still standing at the bottom of the ramp, not looking! I couldn’t even speak because my teeth were gritted so hard.
The kid finally looked up, saw me, startled, and said, “Oh shit!” and jumped to take his load back. After hanging on to it by myself for all those seconds, it suddenly seemed much lighter to me than before! We got it in the truck with no further problem.
He stared at me dumb founded, and never again complained about anything being too hard that day!
This was me around that time. Guess looks can be deceiving.

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Your dad. :D

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500 pound anvil. I worked part-time for a blacksmith and we picked it up at a farm sale.

I cannot remember how we got it into and out of his truck. I think he must have had some kind of crane in the back but I cannot picture it at all.

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A ten ton roll of toilet paper. Not a joke.
By hand a floor safe weighing around 700 pounds.

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A wooden closet. It’s amasing how heavy can an empty closet get.
I’ve also moved a lot of beds/couches and a whole big bowl of pig meat.

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My wallet

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I did home staging for years and while we had a couple of young, buff helpers my ex-partner and I moved all kinds of major furniture. I also moved around my old antique upright grand piano a few times, I got really good at it. I would heave it onto throw rugs and slide it around the house to its new locale.

The heaviest thing I have probably moved is a horse or 3. Have you ever tried to get a recalcitrant horse to load into a horse trailer? Hah! Pushing and pulling on a 1,200 lb. horse is quite a feat, not to mention hoping it doesn’t flip out on you and crush you in the trailer. At least Pianos dont’ bolt and kick! lol

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Yeah. If a horse doesn’t want to move it’s not going to! Shoving on Dakota is about as bad, too.

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In the sense that driving a car is moving it: an 8,700-ton ship when I was at the throttle.

The heaviest thing I’ve ever moved by manually pushing it is my wife’s V6 Honda Accord, which has a curb weight of about 3,300 pounds.

Another time I pushed a Volvo sedan up a slight incline and through an intersection.

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@Brian1946 Oh yes, I forgot about pushing cars over the years, lord, but I’m a little mulely girl, small but strong. lol

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A hospital gen-set with a 16V71 Detroit Diesel.

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I’ve pushed a lot of cars in my life too. I was surprised when I realized that vans are actually lighter and easier to push than compact cars.

A couple of years ago I had to push our Buick into our drive way. Rick was at the wheel, steering from out side the car, pushing from there. We started in the street and I knew we’d have to gather some speed so we wouldn’t lose it at the slight incline to our drive way. My tiny neighbor, bless her heart, saw what was happening and joined me.
So we pushed and I was going, “Must go faster!” Then we hit that incline and the car kind of settled back on us and she dropped out. I said, “NO! PUSH HARDER!” I knew we just had a couple more feet before it leveled out. So she rejoined me and we made it. I still think I should have been at the wheel. But you know. Men are better drivers.

Another time we were moving a chest freezer FULL of pork that was all thawed and rotting. I forget why the freezer went out, but it was broken. Rick and I got it on the dolly. Then he was at the front pushing at the top, but holding it up at the same time, as I was at the handles letting it drop back. For whatever FUCKING reason he kept saying “Further. Further.” It was dropping lower and lower toward me. I started to tell him it was too low, too far past center, but then he suddenly let go, without warning. It tried to slam me down. It jarred the lid open and all this rotting shit splashed on me. In spite of the stink and the gross and the weight I managed to hauuul it back up to center where it was balanced. I have never quite figured out if he did it on purpose or not. I was pretty pissed.

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I onced picked up this bear, and a broadsword wielding lion wearing a tank was riding it.

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I have the upper body strength of Atlas. When I do what looks like a pushup, what I’m actually doing is bench-pressing the earth! ;-D

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^^Ah! Is that what that rattle was!

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I’ll try to do my pushups more gradually next time.

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I think a treadmill. I moved it with my husband. Or, maybe a sofa? I couldn’t do either now. I can’t imagine even trying.

The treadmill we moved up a flight of stairs. I really felt like I couldn’t do it, I was struggling terribly, I kept having to stop, and then we would move a few inches. My husband said something halfway up the flight and pissed me off, and I push that m$&!ther f&$@ing treadmill up the stairs in one swoop the remaining steps and practically ran over my husband. I paid for it for a few days afterwards; my back had some aches.

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Recently my washing machine wasn’t working well. I have to take it out on my own. It was heavy…..

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I used to move 200–700 lb safes in my old job. Some were heavier, but we didn’t sell those as much.

My brother backed his Suburban off my parents concrete driveway, into a ditch once. I didn’t think I could push it back up over the foot or so drop,but I tried, and we were able to avoid calling a wrecker truck…

Seems like I’ve had lots of jobs where I have had to move big/heavy stuff… I had to carry a spool of cable once that bruised my shoulder from it’s immense weight. It must have weighed over 300 lbs. Won’t be doing that again…

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Hanging a stage curtain (with others). Holy crap those things are heavy!

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Oh..I forgot, @anniereborn reminded me of my old 9 X11 wool persian rug. OMG…that thing was a beast! Rolled up it weighed like 200lbs. Took 4 people to heave that thing around.

I finally sold it, it was a beauty but a monstrosity to move around. It was the kinda rug you could roll up a body in and stuff into the trunk of an old car like an 1940’s murder mystery. lol

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A huge vanity dresser I had gotten rid of about ten years ago.

Two parts, the dresser and the mirror with a set of three small shelves on either side needed to be carried from my bedroom in the apartment I lived in at the time, down a small flight of stairs, out the front door, down another flight of stairs and to the dumpster area.

It sat in my bedroom for a year or two waiting for removal. I didn’t know a lot of strong men at the time.

One day, two of my friends, female friends had unexpectedly insisted that the three of us could get the job done. I was skeptical but also desperate to get the thing out. I’d had plans for the vacated space. So I said ok.

All be damned if we didn’t actually manage it. Both parts.

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I think most females underestimate themselves. No so much any more though. I remember a while back (which means I need psychotherapy) I was sitting the car in a convenience store parking lot, waiting for my husband. A girl heaved a really big tire, on the rim, out of the bed of a pick up truck. She was standing in the bed. Watching her I was so impressed with how she used her body for maximum lift and she threw that sucker right out! Women have to use more body parts to get close to the same results that men get just using upper body strength. I thought, “Way to go!” There were two men there too. She just did it.

We camped once with a now ex-friend of Ricks and his girlfriend who was my age. I wanted to move the picnic table to another part of our camp site. She started whining that it was too heavy, and I snapped, “Pick up your end and help me!” It kind of shocked her, and she did and we did. If I’d had to I could have dragged it by myself, but those picnic tables aren’t wimpy, back yard picnic tables.

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Did you remove the drawers from the dresser before you moved it?

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Edit. Question wasn’t directed at me.

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