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Need urgent help with medication at GBL withdrawal?

Asked by Cubone (29points) March 21st, 2017

Hey everyone I hope you can help me with my withdrawal from GBL (liquid form of BHD). I started taking it 3 years ago because of social phobia (especially at school) and tremor (if I had to speak in public for example) the last 6 months I was taking daily 2–3ml every 3rd hour. Few days ago I started the withdrawal with kindly help of my girlfriend who noticed every dose and time

We started few days ago at 10am I took my last dose GBL 1:30pm I started with 20mg Valium at 3pm strong tremor, though. 4pm additional 10mg Valium+ 20mg Oxazepam 5pm more 10mg valium. Nevertheless I wasn’t able to sleep the whole night so i took 1 Zopiclone at 7am and 20mg more at 9am. 3h later the tremor began again 1h later i took 500mg magnesium and 2 valeriana. At 3pm i drank ½ bottle wine a bit later the rest of it and i finally fell asleep but only 3 hours.

At night i drank another bottle and slept 4 hours. Next day 2pm I had still withdrawal symptoms and pressure in my head and the whole body (probably because the benzo effects stopped). A friend brought me tramadol drops 100ml. 5pm I take 40 drops but still headache so again 40 drops because I wanted to sleep but it doesn’t help I just puke. Somehow I ate a piece of pizza and took 40 drops again. 11pm another 30 drops but still tremor. The night was horrific tremor and sweating at 2am i took 2 elavil still wasn’t able to eat and puked again. 3am again 30 drops tramadol still tremor my head felt like a sponge I wasn’t able to sleep so again 20 drops at 6am. I had anxiety , everytime I closed my eyes to sleep i saw weird things and only by laying the tremble stopped.

At 8am only puked liquid almost no eat. Everytime I close my eyes I see grimaces and shi* like that. So my GF gave me Melperone but It didn’t help either. At 3pm I could not longer stand this so we went to the hospital but they only wanted to take me stationary but I didn’t agree because last time I was fixed and was fully pumped with Haldol which was terrible so I went home (they didn’t agree to give me some benzo’s either).

At 6pm last sleep was 84h ago I was close to Delirium so I took 2ml GBL again at 7pm but even this didn’t help so 3ml more but still terrible optics by eye closing at 8pm (almost 92h without sleep) I fell asleep but only for 3 hours. Then I woke up with strong headache and tremor. Then again 3×2ml every 2nd hour till now and I don’t feel better I don’t know what to do please help me.

If I only would have a strong benzo like rohypnol that kick me to sleep but no doc give it to me. I can’t to the hospital I have to work in 2 days. Sorry for my bad englisch I’m living in europe I am asking here because noone in my local area is wiling to help me especially not at this time.

I only want to feel good :(

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We can’t help you. You have to seek medical attention right away.

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Time to go to hospital ! !

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Yes, you seriously need medical help NOW. I wouldn’t worry too much about missing work as I don’t see how you would be able to work in the state you are in!

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You need a few weeks or months to kick a drug habit, not a couple of days. You need to get serious help with this. Try to find a local drug rehabilitation service – ask your doctor or the hospital for help.

You have taken the first few steps towards kicking the habit so that’s really good. Keep your goal in mind and don’t give up when you get discouraged or have a relapse. Keep going. Good luck

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You’re mixing benzo’s too. You’re going to kill yourself.

Please go to a hospital. Be honest with the doctor.

You can beat this. But not if you overdose on other meds.

Good luck.

Peace and love.

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Guys I can’t go to hospital the only thing they know is to feed me with Antipsychotic last time I ran away from there my friend promised me to get 160mg Valium and some Rohypnol this should be enough to make it I just need an exactly medication plan when to take what and how much

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Why can’t you go to the hospital? If they can’t help you how on Earth can we who don’t have medical skills?

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Rohypnol is the date rape drug. Stop taking stuff from friends. They aren’t doing you any favours. At the least you should talk to a nurse anonymously.

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