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I need a photo

Asked by molsbiteme (17points) August 8th, 2008

i just got a job today but they asked me to bring in a photo ID…but i lost do i get a new one! and how fast can i get it? HELP!?

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Go to your local Department of Motor Vehicles. You can get a new driver’s license or just a photo ID the same day. Call ahead, or visit their website to see what documents you need to bring (typically a birth certificate and something that proves you live in the area).

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“You can get a new driver’s license or just a photo ID the same day.”

Depends on where you are. I just went through a whole bunch of crap with the NYS DMV. They give you a bit of paper with your license info on it and mail your photo ID to you. It takes about a week.

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@Mac: Wow…I had no idea it was different from place to place. In both Maryland and West Virginia, you walk out the door with a fresh, warm ID.

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Yeah, in April I moved to Idaho and had no trouble getting my license switched. I just gave them my old NY license and had my landlady come with me to vouch for me since I hadn’t gotten any mail yet to use as proof of address. I walked out of the place with my brand new Idaho license. Then I moved back to NY in June. I needed my Idaho license, my Social Security card, my birth certificate, my high school diploma and a major credit card before they would issue me a NY license again. And, as I said, for a week I just had a little slip of paper with the info on it while the photo ID was in the mail.

Pain. In. The. Butt.

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haha yeah i live in new york. :]
thanks for your guys help.
hopefully my manager wont mind holding off until i can get the ID

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