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For those of you who watch YouTube videos regularly, what time do you usually watch YouTube videos?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5479points) March 22nd, 2017
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Before I go to sleep.

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All hours.

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I watch when I feel like it.

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Is there no particular time when you are most likely to tune into YouTube videos? Such as lunchtime or around 3pm?

I’m trying to figure out what is the best time I should upload my own content on my own channels. I’m trying 12 pm GMT this week and I’m going to see what happens.

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Sorry. No specific time, for me.

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^Yeah. I’m trying brother. But my schedule is crazy. I would think content, would trump timing.

From what I’ve known of you, you are capable of doing something relevant, regardless of the time…Honesty is a big quality. And it doesn’t require timing. Be yourself, and I think you’ll do good.

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Usually evenings, but I do watch one live stream kitten romper room thing and check them every morning. Gotta get my kitten fix. haha

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No set time, just whenever.

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All the time

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