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Boxers or briefs?

Asked by wrestlemaniac (810points) August 8th, 2008

(polka dots….just kidding)Boxers…enough said.

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Depends on the person! If it’s the right one neither.
Damn you whatthefluther, you stole my line!!

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so what do you wear? O_o????

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I prefer panties but my boyriend is a briefs guy, my 5 yr old brother loves boxer briefs and my 8 yr old son is die hard for boxers… sister’s roomate claims to prefer commando

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Repeats aside, I’m a boxer kind of guy.

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I like to keep my junk in place with briefs and put boxers on top for adding protection against chaffing. Its the best if both worlds.

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Nothing. My sweatpants provide enough coverage.

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briefs with the longer leg (“boxer briefs”?)

and commando: oh, no-no!

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Boxer briefs and depending on what kind of pants I’m wearing, maybe nothing.

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one of my friends prefers, I quote, ” I love a cool breeze aroand me privites ” (scots man accent, it sucks but I try).

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Boxer briefs.

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On some occasions 5th company Commando unit (Kidding)

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Hallo! my nama is Boratz, i lov-e to ver my beach wear. :D I love the U.S and A

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Where is your Sexy time Friend! :)

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Too much subway. :(

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Boxer, green St.Pat’s day YAYAYAYAY!!!

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Always regular briefs. never boxers

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