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Beijing Opening Ceremony, amazing?

Asked by crunchaweezy (1733points) August 8th, 2008

I was simply stunned by the performance. The different countries, celebrities, energy, the torch lighting. Amazing.

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YES!!!!!!! Jaw dropping performances.

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Every four years the host country attempts to out do the previous host. This one didn’t disappoint. Incredible!!

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In CA the athletes are still walking in. Honestly, I was disappointed; I thought it would be more spectacular. Do you remeber Atlanta? I think that one was better.

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I was watching everything in HD, that might be a deciding factor hehe.

I’ve got all I could find on schedule to record.

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I won’t go into detail yet, because I don’t want to spoil it for the west coasters.

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^ west coast? I saw it an hour and a half ago. It was amazing.

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Then yes. It was amazing. The man running in the sky was beautiful…

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I thought that everything was great…

including the man running around the stadium.

The only thing I didn’t like was the anti-climactic way the torch was lit. For the whole ceremony to be as elaborate as it was, then to have such a simple read boring flame lighting, it seems as if the entire torch lighting was an afterthought to the other festivities, which rocked. I would have preferred something along the lines of the entire “birds nest” going up in flames to lead to a dragon, which would breathe fire, lighting the flame. It could have been epic.

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I thought it was spectacular and breathtaking. The next host is going to have to work very hard to outdo them. I think China has definitely taken the opening ceremony to a new level. Everything was so detailed, precise and in sync. My favorites parts were the scroll opening the screen a little in every act, and the globe. Magnificent! Can you tell I am still in awe? :)

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I was amazed at how precise the sections were that had 2008 people performing together, like the martial arts demonstration. From the shots overhead, the lines were incredible. I thought the whole thing was really beautiful.

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the opening drums were freaking amazing.

also.. I heard of twitter, the opening ceremonies cost roughly 300 million US dollars.

crazy stuff..

and talk about the costumes OMG! I liked when the announcers were talking about the light up green suits, how the guy that designed them didn’t like the black and was like make me a green one like that… and then make however many thousand more.. LAST WEEK!

The shebori (sp?) painting was pretty cool too the way it was done.

Last but not least, the wave and water boxes… my whole family and girlfriend thought they were hydraulics or something, I was like.. it’s freaking china we’re talking about here, and of course in the end I was right, there were guys in them! CRAZY!

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I was amazed at how easy it is for masses to be deceived with their propaganda that China is all ” one world , one dream” when few miles away from the stadium steps hundreds upon thousands upon milions plus are opressed and don’t have human basic rights, not just the countryman of China but Tibet too.

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I’m not deceived by the “one world” idea. It was clearly propaganda, but that’s not what the question asked.

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Visually stunning, amazing tech and innovation from China, music was georgeous,but Bob Costas’ commentary shat all over the art and beauty of the show with his “American” play-by-play…like so many chatterers in the theatre when trying to watch a good movie. Now I need to punch something…

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Apparently it wasn’t completely real, either: Fireworks (partly) faked

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Not sure why everyone is making a big thing about the feet fireworks, who cares?

I didn’t even care for the fireworks shot out from the birds nest, it was nice though. I didn’t even see the feet.

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i heard the next one is going to be in London, and they plan on spending 100x as much as China did. Not sure if it’s true, but my source is a person I know that always makes sure he has facts before he gives out information, so I trust him. It is amazing, but for the fact that it doesn’t last long, I wish they wouldn’t spend so much…. It’s sad….. To waste so much money so fast….

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It is going to be in London…but I highly, highly, highly, highly, highly, highly doubt that they will be spending 100x as much as China did. This source mentions about ten times as much will be spent on buildings.

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