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Did you name your car?

Asked by AshLeigh (16274points) March 25th, 2017

My ‘09 Ford Focus is called Caroline. Did you name your car?

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My 69 Chevy pick-up was Ol’ Paint. (Bought it when it was 10 years old and I drove it for 26 years!) My teal 97 Nissan pick-up was The Green Weenie. (It had a lot of miles on it and died after 3 years. Junked it for $300) The 91 Nissan pick-up I drive now, that my dad bought new, is The Gray Ghost. (The engine has over 300,000 miles and runs great, and uses no oil!)

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Yes. Our Mazda 3 is called Merv the Swerve after a Maori tour bus driver.

Our Mazda CX5 is very new. We’re unsure about whether to call it Claudia or Xena.

Our previous Nissan X-Trail was called Ernie.

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My daughter has. She’s a Dr. Who fan and calls her a little blue car The Tardis. I am all for naming our cars but we have a come up with a name. Gas Hog comes to mind for one of them.

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Yes I did! Mostly because I name everything… although my car is the only object that I habitually call by name, and that other people will call by name as well: Lucy.

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No It’s THE car, THE van or THE truck. This is the most efficient and least confusing method of referring to the vehicles. It also avoids the troublesome inconvenience in mistaking the vehicles with the kids and pets.

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Mine – a Taurus wagon – is the Shuttlecraft. My old ‘88 Crown Vic was the Tank. My first car, a 94 Saturn SL2, was my Scooter.

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Oh I forgot the motorcycle. But even it is THE Norton.

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I exclusively use public transport.

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Always. All of my cars have been named after characters in PG Wodehouse books. The current vehicle is Percival aka Percy the Periwinkle Fit.

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I called my first car “Ol’ Betsy”. Haven’t come up with a name for my new car.

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I have a few vehicles, but I use a Pontiac Aztek SUV for getting groceries and hauling my son around sometimes and that vehicle needs new shocks, tires and it has a mind if it’s own sometimes.
I refer to it as “Shake, Rattle and Roll.”

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Nah, that’s for the birds, our chauffeur names his the office or the cunt carriage…bless.

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I worked as a mechanic’s courier when I was a teenager. I had a company truck that had no speedometer, terrible brakes, no A/C (it gets VERY hot here), and the doors would fly open on tight curves and all my paperwork would fly out.

I referred to it ,affectionately , as the “Death Mobile.”

I got into several accidents with it. I used to drive it with no oil, and tried to kill it, so I would get a new truck, like the two other employees had. Never could kill the damned thing though. It was still in service when I quit after 2 years… Go Chevy….

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Did the Death Mobile ever get a “fixit” ticket?

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My white 55 Chevy’s name is “Miss Piggy”.

My black 55 Chevy’s name is “Mr. Midnight”.

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@Brian1946 . I got a speeding ticket once, because I couldn’t tell how fast I was going.

It was a full size 1500, with an extended bed. It had a 4.3 litre V6,that had like a billion miles on it….. The bed was severely damaged when I had to stop suddenly, with a 351 crate engine in the back.

As long as it ran, I had to drive it…

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My boyfriend is the reason I’ve been in the habit of naming my car. His first car, which he had at the beginning of our relationship, was a PT Cruise, called Cassandra. Sadly, she was punched in the face by a truck that decided to move over into the wrong lane, hitting him head on, and is no longer with us.

His second car, a ‘92 Subaru SVX was the tragic victim of freezing rain and slid under a bus, barely missing decapitating him. Her name was Isabella.

He is currently selling his ‘79 Camaro, named Katherine, to replace the Subaru, as it was his daily commuter.

I also call the fourwheeler Nelly.

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He is Eddie and I love him.

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