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Do you get offended if your sacred cow is attacked?

Asked by Rarebear (25159points) March 29th, 2017

Your “sacred cow” can be anything. But if someone attacks it do you get offended?

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I get triggered, but not really offended. And if it’s been repeatedly attacked, I get used to it and reduce my rage to an inner eyeroll.

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I don’t get offended. I will try to use facts to dissuade the other person from their views. If that doesn’t work, I release my feelings about the interaction with the idiot.

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If I didn’t, it would be a blasé cow.
Of course, being offended, and acting on offense are not the same.

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Depends on how sacred and how wrong the attacker is. If the attacker is right and can turn the cow into beef then I will eat said cow.

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No, I haven’t got time to be offended, I could never be a doctor…I don’t have the patience

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I have a sacred herd and am fully prepared to vigorously defend it.

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@stanleybmanly Your herd better not trample on my herd!

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@ARE_you_kidding_me I generally don’t give “GA” mostly because I think the point system is stupid and questions and answers should stand on their own merits. But you made me laugh out loud so I gave you one.

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I don’t really have any sacred cows, but I do have sacred boundaries. If you are an emotionally high maintenance person, passive aggressive, unpredictable, a gossip monger or otherwise an ass I will brand you forever as a mad cow to be avoided at all costs. This means I don’t care if you are freezing to death on my doorstep, you will not be invited in. lol

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I’m Empirical Girl. If you give me data and proven science to prove me wrong, I am happy to change my ideas and consider myself better educated for it. My ability to learn is my sacred cow, I guess. If someone offered me a crazy amount of money to lessen my brain’s ability, I’d go tell them where to stick their offer.

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My sacred cows are generally moralistic things, e.g. the unfortunate in society deserve the help of the fortunate. I don’t think such things can be “disproven” with facts or new evidence. They are opinions. So I don’t think holding tightly to these things is irrational, and yes, when people pull our their social Darwinist bullshit and say that everyone would be better off if we just let sick people and people in poverty suffer and die, yes I do find that offensive.

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@Mariah Darwin was not a social scientist. He was a biologist. People who twist things Darwin wrote show themselves ignorant on several levels. Besides, REAL social scientists have proven, time and time again, that having a collective community with an emphasis on cooperation and education is what works best.

Science is not without morals. People who twist and falsify the facts are without morals.

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@cazzie She knows that. That’s why she used the word “bullshit” after the term.

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