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What is the most insulting statement you have heard?

Asked by imrainmaker (8375points) March 30th, 2017

It may not have happened with you but heard saying someone. Where would you rank this statement – “Thanks for Nothing?” .

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“You can’t possibly understand…”

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“You know the Hierarchy and you know your position. So behave accordingly.”

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“You have forgotten the face of your father.”

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“You don’t need to know that.”

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‘You’re a hypocrite’

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“You never think about anything, you’re like a four year old. Your brain just stopped developing at one point, and you’ll remain like that until you die.”

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“You’re not getting paid to think” and “I don’t know if someone at your level can do this.”

Nobody’s ever said these things to me, but I’ve heard them said to other people. It always happened in an office setting, when someone was condescending to an administrative worker or mid-level staff member.

If you want to demolish someone’s self-worth and turn that person into an insecure, incompetent mess, just talk to the person that way.

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From /r/theredpill:

Women love being commanded. Telling a woman, straight up, what to do allows her to feel safe and secure being led by a strong, confident man. You’d think this was a straightforward topic. Tell women what to do, they obey, job done. Unfortunately, since women no longer wish to love, honour and obey it has made the issue of commanding more complicated than it needs to be. It’s made it socially acceptable to perform the shit test of disobedience.

Women are irrational and inconsistent, they have a capacity for logic but it is not their modus operandi, that is to say that they must exert effort to be logical as it is not their factory setting. A logical woman is easily baited into becoming emotional; women are easy to compromise. Their decisions are based on their current emotional state rather than the abstraction of logic. It’s this proclivity to change so quickly which causes them to act inconsistently and in contradiction.

From /r/incels:

Women don’t like being called “female”, I thought of some of other words that might be used.
cum dumpsters
baby factories
penis caps
kitchen slaves
the annoying, dumb, inferior pieces of flesh around the vagina that don’t invent or discover things
sperm garage
The niggers of gender
Vagina life support system
[it goes on in this fashion for quite awhile longer]
I couldn’t think of anymore. Feel free to add more. I really do hate them with a burning passion.

…..And then people say that sexism is over, the sexes are treated equally in the modern day, feminism is no longer needed. That last post I quoted was written 2 days ago. /r/incels is an entire community with thousands of subscribers on reddit.

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^^ Well, now that is the worst for me too.

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^ I’m pretty sure those are trolls. It’s that strange style of writing.

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No, @Sneki95 , I truly believe there are men who really, actually feel and think that way. I’m an old lady and have been around a bit.

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/r/theredpill and /r/incels are not trolls. They are communities thousands large who honestly believe these things.

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…In that vein I suppose I could repost the PMs I got on reddit after I revealed my abortion. They always make for such fun reading.

i feel sorry for your murdered child murderous whore

lmao this is one broken, twisted whore

It’s hard to take the moral high ground when you’re a literal murderer who laughs about it after the fact. You’ve already tried the “i pity you” angle remember whore no one wants the pity or sympathy of a sociopathic bitch. Save your pity for your dead child

You’re a sick disgusting cunt

Murderous whore killed her own child

you dumb piece of shit

you disgusting whore

you gross piece of trash

You realise calling anyone hateful – from the position of a murdering sociopathic solipsistic prostitute, is hilarious?

Degenerate child murderer

Drop dead already you fucking murdering whore.

unresponsible pathetic cunt

no one here approves of you. you have no support here. here, you are thought to be scum. you have no right to be approved of, go get patted on the back for murdering your baby at /sub/twoxchromosomes

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That I was a postmodern.

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Yeah,@cazzie I know there are people like that. I’m young, but I don’t live in a cave.
I assumed they were trolls because the writing style seemed like that, it looks deliberately crafted to enrage. Besides, it’s on the internet, it’s full of trolls. I thought it was one or a few people, not the whole community.

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They post those sorts of things in those subreddits because there is a whole community of people there who will approve of those sorts of posts.

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The worst thing I can remember said to me, my mom told me she should have had an abortion, but they weren’t legal, and she was afraid a back room abortion would kill her.

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Once, I was feeling down about my body – between having a kid, a surgery, and a few significant weight changes over a couple of years, I couldn’t stand to see myself in the mirror.

In an attempt to up my confidence, I decided to get properly fitted for a new bra.

So I’m standing there, top off, in my badly fitting bra, as the lady gives me a once-over with her eyes and says,

“Don’t worry, I’ve fitted a ton of botched boob-jobs”

… I still haven’t totally recovered from that.

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“My mother doesn’t like Jews.”

That was from a woman I dated, married and eventually divorced. I still ask myself why I did the first two.

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@Seek that would ruin me.

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You are just like your father.

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@Seek That is CRAZY! You are sexiness on legs. Gorgeous. That bitch had no idea. Forget her.

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“You should never have been born.” — said by my mother when I was fourteen.

@Patty_Melt: We could start a club.

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Hurts, donnut?

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At work my boss was talking trash about men among other female employees (I worked in a profession dominated and run by women). She has a very loud and obnoxious gravely voice (like she smoked 3 packs of cigarettes a day for 30 years) and I was standing near so I clearly heard every word that she said. One of the women reminded my boss that there is a man standing right there and my boss blurted out, “Oh Lon is not a man”. It wasn’t the first lime that I heard her make that idiot statement. Ho hum same old same old.

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I hate it when people go, “I feel sorry for you” when you don’t like something they do or if you don’t agree with them on something.

It’s like stfu, you don’t feel sorry for me at all, you’re just pissed off because I don’t like your shit.

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“Is it in yet?”

Shit darling I dunno, I mean you’re so big a bloke could get lost for days in there.

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Your not a dumb as you look.

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Awwww, RDG1, don’t worry, you are.

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^Not cool.

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@Patty_Melt I’m an Adonis so I will take that as a complament.

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One Manager in previous job used to say “Thanks for Nothing” if he requested info from someone but got it from some other person before him / her. How you would have reacted to that?

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“Shut up you fucking bitch!”

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@Kardamom I used to hear that on a weekly basis from my asshole ex. That one had to become water off a ducks back.

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@cazzie my boyfriend and I call each other stuff like that all the time. In a loving, playful way, of course.

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