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Has any president before Trump ever gone on and on and on about the election results?

Asked by Jeruba (50619points) March 31st, 2017

And doesn’t the fact that he cannot quit boasting about them imply—or acknowledge—that he hasn’t enjoyed any sort of big win since then?

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The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

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Hm? I’m not denying anything.

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I mean that his continuous protesting that he’s not portrayed correctly in the press is a symptom of the reality that he is not well liked.

I should have been clearer. I’m assigning that line to DT.

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Ok—I thought you meant me.

What I was getting at with my question is that if he’d had any substantial victories since November 8th, he’d probably be talking about those all the time. Yet even in this morning’s tweets (as reported in major media), he’s still citing his election win as evidence of something or other. If he’d had a clear success of any kind since then, wouldn’t he be talking about that instead?

And when was the last time that a president couldn’t stop talking about his election?

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His continuous harping that he won the electoral college is a sure sign of his underlying feelings of inferiority at having lost the popular election. The fact he needs to harp on a victory is further confirmation that he is at heart enormously insecure. He is childish in the worst sense of the word.

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I don’t know of any and I’m not sure why Trump is, but I find it pretty funny that he tried to brag that the turnout for his inauguration was the largest ever and it was disproven (is that a word?) immediately. In fact, it was one of the smallest turnouts.

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None. Ever. Of course the others didn’t have insecurity issues.

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None that I am aware of. I’d bet several have gone on and on about erection results.

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We have never had such a sociopath as president before. The closest to this was Richard Nixon, and it took him 6 years to get hounded out of office.

But Nixon at least understood politics and democracy, and had an appreciation for American government, even if he went bad at the end.

Trump has no understanding of democracy and process, and lacking that, he replays old fights because he thinks that in some way it justifies him.

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Not that I can recall, usually the victor accepts the presidency graciously and moves on to govern the country. Trump is making a mess of the job and his very public failures must be pretty damaging to his self-esteem. How Trump will deal with this is an interesting if nerve racking question in psychology.

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Rumpy signed a paper promising to kiss the elephant’s ass but he doesn’t like kissing up to the Freedom Caucus (aka Tea Baggers). So it looks like he’s just going to do whatever no matter what happens. Chaos. Mass pandemonium. Catastrophe to the max. SIF!

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Al Gore might have had a bone to pick over the dimpled chads in Florida, In 2000.

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^^ (But he wasn’t president.)

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The country has had its share of eccentric Presidents, and the country has both benefitted and suffered from those eccentricities. But Trump is pushing us into virgin territory. We’ve suffered inept Presidents clearly not up to the job, but Trump is the first President clearly eligible for the label “deranged” from a Congress reluctant to face up to the unpleasant necessities arising from his condition. He appears damned and determined to force the declaration. We will see just how long the legislative branch can get away with denying the obvious.

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@elbanditoroso And at least Nixon could speak on a college level whereas Trump speaks at a middle school level.

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@Jeruba I think that he should have been and I still consider Al Gore to be the legit president in 2000–2004. I’m just being stuck up about it.

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Trump is a sick, sick pup.

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I saw bumper sticker the other day that said, “Elect a clown, expect a circus.” I have a friend who makes bumper stickers and he’s gonna make me one.

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Other presidents were much too busy doing their jobs.

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He’s just busy hosting popularity concerts for himself. And playing golf.

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So—I think his ceaseless talk about the election is as good as an outright admission that practically nothing has gone right since.

Who even thinks Melania is going to move in with him after the school year ends?

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I would not be surprised if she left the country entirely.

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In the meantime she is costing New York a bundle for security. If she does not want to live in the White House she and Donald should kick in for at least part of the cost.

As to the main question, I have seen people say that Trump is a master strategist. I am not buying it. He has street smarts but not much else. His constant lying strikes me as moronic. He is lucky that his base doesn’t mind. They will start to mind when all the jobs that he promised don’t get created. Then the house of Trump will fall apart.

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@LostInParadise THAT was a totally righteous answer!

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I suspect that no kind of “smarts” applies to Trump. He’s conniving, he’s ruthless, he’s greedy, utterly spoiled, and he has no conscience. It’s not hard to take advantage of people. You don’t really need much of an IQ to do it. Dumber people may not get so far, starting from scratch, but he started in the stratosphere and has had money nets and money people, and “yes people” to catch him every time he started to fail and fall….which was often
He had people to read and write for him. People to advise him on how to best put on his shoes. What clothes to wear.

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