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Can I throw out a used toner cartridge in the regular trash?

Asked by theabk (683points) November 11th, 2006
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I believe you're supposed to recycle them.
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I think there are companies that may pick them up for you.
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We're talking about a laserjet toner cartridge or xerox machine, right? Not an inkjet cartidge?
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What city are you in?
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Palo Alto (CA)
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This link has some discussion of where to recycle toner in Palo Alto.
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recycle at staples and get a couple dollars off next cartridge purchase.
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You can also bring any cell phone or page to Staples (it benefits the Sierra club)
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UPS had picked some toner from our work place (in Berkeley) (probably with an account).
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I throw it in the garbage!
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office depot will give you a ream of paper or $3 off new toner for recycled toner cartridges.
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You can, but you shouldn't. You can take it to Office Depot and they'll recycle it, plus give you a discount.
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Office Depot will also allow you to recycle them, so will a lot of elementary schools.
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