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Why do books have extra pages?

Asked by SuperMouse (30793points) August 9th, 2008

Why is it that books have extra blank pages at the beginning and the end? Bonus question: Is there a standard number and if there is, what is it?

When I was a kid I always figured the ones in the back were for writing notes, but for me it is rare that, when reading a novel, I feel the urge to take notes on the plot or character or anything else. Even this idea doesn’t explain the blank pages in the front.

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I belive it’s because they get pages to spare.

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I’ve always thought that perhaps it was because books are only made with certain set amounts of pages, which means that you end up with more pages than the number that are actually printed on.

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I used to work at a book publishing and printing company. This was years ago before computers printed right to printing plates, but there would be a set number of pages up on a negative film. Usually 16 up. So if there number of pages total in the book wasn’t divisible by 16, there would be blank pages.

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it has to do with the way the books are printed and made, and then bound, chances are it’s a glue bond if you’re referring to like a novel or something, and as mightymite said just the way the pages are put together, and then stacked, cut (all sides are cut), then glued together from the bottom edge creating that whatever the name is, bind.

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A lot of times in older books you’ll see blank pages in the back specifically for you to make notes on. Some will even have 6 or so pages at the end that just say “notes” at the top. I’m not sure if this has anything to do with the blank pages of today but I thought it was worth mentioning.

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It depends on the type of binding. Some books have folios that must be divisible by four (front/back of a single sheet folded in half).

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So you can write down secret things in them.

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My friend loser…. super spy!! ha ha!!

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