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When putting shoes on which is correct, right then left or vice versa?

Asked by rojo (23720points) April 3rd, 2017

Also, should you put on your right sock then right shoe, followed by left sock then left shoe or should it be right sock, left sock, right shoe, left shoe?

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Who wears socks?

I don’t think there is a right or wrong.

I usually put my left shoe on first because I am right handed, but that’s not a hard and fast rule.

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It depends on where I am – and the season. During the winter, if I’m changing back into my street clothes after swimming, I put my shoe on the foot that has a sock on it asap. Then the other sock and shoe. I have no right/left preference.

Since I usually don’t wear shoes inside, I put socks on hours before shoes.

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One of my favorite boxers used to put his left glove on first. I have always followed that. I even go left if I’m at a fork in the road,and I don’t know where I’m going….

Left sock, then right sock, then left shoe, followed by the right.

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Same as MrGrimm888, Left sock, then right sock, then left shoe, followed by the right.
However, when putting on pants, right leg first.

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It doesn’t really matter as long as one gets his or her right shoe on the right foot and the left shoe on the left foot.

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It depends on your dominant hand. I put the left on first.

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Damn @LuckyGuy, you posted that before I could find it. One of the best Archie-meathead exchanges of all time

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Whichever ever foot one lifts first is the best to put the first sock onto. Whichever shoe you pick up first sis the best one to put on first.

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Sock, shoe, sock, shoe.

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^^ I knew I should have paid more attention in High School Meathead class

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You should alternate through all the possible combinations before repeating any.

L sock, R sock, L shoe, R shoe
L sock, R sock, R shoe, L shoe
R sock, L sock, L shoe, R shoe
R sock, L sock, R shoe, L shoe
L sock, L shoe, R sock, R shoe
R sock, R shoe, L sock, L shoe

Then shuffle the order of the sequences. Until you get all the possible orders. That’s a bit more involved.

Alternatively, roll a die to determine which sequence to use each day:

1. L sock, R sock, L shoe, R shoe
2. L sock, R sock, R shoe, L shoe
3. R sock, L sock, L shoe, R shoe
4. R sock, L sock, R shoe, L shoe
5. L sock, L shoe, R sock, R shoe
6. R sock, R shoe, L sock, L shoe

At some point, you may discover that you have ceased to care, or you have discovered the order you like best, or that you are enjoying the game. All results are good. Unless your romantic partner decides you are insane for doing this, and leaves you. But if it makes you happy, maybe you’re better off without them.

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There is no “right” way to put on your shoe, just as there in no “right” way to hang toilet paper on the the roll.
If at all feasible, I don’t put on shoes at all.

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The middle one.

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@elbanditoroso It’s a magic spell for banishing conflict from silly ideas.

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@Zaku What about

L sock, R shoe, R sock, L shoe
R shoe, L sock, L shoe R sock


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@zenvelo Those advanced permutations require investment in socks that can go on the outside of shoes.

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L rock chalk chickenhawk socks, fuck KU! Same with R rock chalk chickenhawk socks…

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Thank goodness there’s still something I can do any way I please.

I also take the liberty, freely and without regard to anyone’s notion of fashion, of wearing socks when they suit my comfort (which is most of the time). I favor the ones that look like this.

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The right shoe to put on is always right, and whatever is left over is left.

Once when my son was very young he complained to me that his feet hurt. I looked at his feet and noticed that his shoes had been installed incorrectly, that is, transposing left for right, and vice versa. (He had just started learning how to install shoes. As I said, he was quite young.) I told him very simply that he had his shoes on the wrong feet.

He looked at his shoes, and then he looked at me again and started to cry, And then he wailed, “But these are the only feet I have!”

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@CWOTUS – it all depends on what ankle you look at it…

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@CWOTUS That is precious!!

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OMG, put ‘em on any way you like. You’ll find nothing in Miss Manners or the Ten Commandments to tell you otherwise.

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@LuckyGuy: That scene from All in the Family jumped to mind for me as well.

My dad and I used to quote that one.

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That was a good one, @Pachy !

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Whatever you do don’t put both socks on the same foot or you will spend the rest of the day searching for the one that’s missing.

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I didn’t realize there was a “right” way to put on your shoes and socks.
I put my socks on first, both feet, then shoes. Usually left shoe first because I am left handed, then right. @rojo If you have to put your shoes and socks on in a particular order I think you may have a touch, or more than a touch of OCD. haha

My old R.E. agent was one of “those” types. OMG, that guy, he had to have all his shirts color coordinated and hanging in color coded order and insisted there was a right and wrong side to buttering toast. He actually told me once that his wife buttered the wrong side of the toast. WTF! No wonder they got divorced. lol

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What about toe first, versus heel first? Any advice?

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@elbanditoroso Kinda obvious don’t you think? Toes slide in first unless you want to pry the top of your shoe over them by going heel first. lol

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The way I’ve always done it is I turn around in a circle three times then put on the right sock, heel first. Doing this last one takes fifteen minutes but it’s a good workout. Then I jump up and down six times and put on the left sock, heel first. By this time I’m so winded I just shove my feet into my shoes as fast as I can.
I sleep easy knowing I did the right thing and had a productive day.

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@Aster Yes, and you do…..

Well….I’m not going to try and put my boot on heel first that’s for damn sure. lol

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I don’t know. I know I put both socks on and then my shoes. Not that I wear socks often.

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I do the hokey pokey and I turn myself around – that’s what it’s all about!

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This is why I go barefoot as much as I can.

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@Sneki95 But which foot do you put on first?

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@coloma – I had a pair of sandals some years ago where you placed the heel in, then strapped the ‘latch’ over the top of the foot, just over the toes.

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I would guess socks before shoes.

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I put both socks first, then both shoes. Left first.

If they are slide on shoes that I don’t need to use my hands to get them on then it’s doesn’t matter which shoe first.

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Right sock,then left sock followed by right shoes, left shoe

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