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How many different cars have you ridden in?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10902points) April 3rd, 2017

In your entire life how many different cars have you ridden in whether driver or passenger? What kinds?

Are there some common types that you have never ridden in?

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I was a valet parker in high school in the SF Bay Area. I have driven everything from Ramblers and Edsels to Rolls Royces and old Bentleys, Jaguars and Porsches.

I have not been in much variety of cars though since 1980.

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Oh my…lets see.

60’s models of Buicks, Plymouth, old station wagons and others as a kid.
Corvettes, Cobra, Audi, Cadillac, Fiat, BMW, Saaab, Volvo, Mercedes, MGB, Corvair, Comet, T-Bird, Sunbeam Alpine ( no Tiger, boo hoo ) numerous SUV’s, pick up trucks, jeeps. My friends husbands has a magnificent vintage, restored Studebaker Golden Hawk. That car is beautiful, a real head turner. I love the classics best and my little dream car is a Nash metropolitan, I want to paint it two tone cream and cantaloupe. :-)

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Thousand of cars, I use to work at a Car Rental agency, I moved cars off and on the lot and parking in spaces for client to get them. Some weekends we would move 450 cars with 6 people from the wash area to the off property parking area.

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I’ve been In a Hummer.

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Well that’s a fun memory game, but although I remember a lot of details even from when I was young, there’s no way I’m not going to miss many, especially when considering quick rides from acquaintances, taxis, cars in foreign countries that I don’t even know what they were, etc.

The list of car types I’ve never ridden in might be easier, except there are so many to consider, and the task becomes “what are all the common types of cars throughout my lifetime?” which is also daunting.

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Too many to count. Usually as a passenger. Small cars, large cars, 4-wheel drive, cabs, minivans… all sorts.

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@Zaku… ok, how about the last five years.

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I have also been in a Sherman tank.

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Can I ask why you want to know? It might help us provide more relevant responses.

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Cars not that many, maybe around twenty or thirty, trucks on the other hand hundreds and hundreds, from pick ups to semis.

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Too many to count. In my lifetime? Cars I didn’t even know about when I was little. Cars as a teen, cars from friends, cars for hire, rental cars, my cars, cars I’ve taken for test drives.

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I was in 2 cars yesterday… No clue over my lifetime….

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I’ve never driven or ridden in a kia. I can’t remember being in a pontiac. Never been in an Audi, or a range rover. Never been in a mitsubishi suv. My immediate family only bought American for decades!

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How the hell am I supposed to remember that? Notable cars I do recall are a hearse and a Skyline.

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I’m not sure I can count them up accurately. At least 75 I think. Are we counting taxis? Are we counting only by brand? Or, is each model separate?

So so many.

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Even five years covers several different parts of the world, relationships and friend groups. Let’s see… of those I can even remember:

Hondas: ~3
Toyotas: ~3
Volvos: ~3
VWs: ~3
BMWs: 4
Zephyrs: ~2
Vauxhaul’s: ~2
Fiats: ~1
Alfa Romeos: ~2
Mazdas: ~3
Chevrolet: ~3
Fords: ~4
Subarus: ~1
Unknown type people’s cars/SUVs: ~10?
Rental cars of forgotten make/model: 3
American taxis of unknown make/model: ~15
American buses of unknown make/model: ~20
Italian taxis of unknown make/model: ~10
Italian buses of unknown make/model: 2
Irish taxis of unknown make/model: 3
Irish buses of known make/model: 1

I’m probably forgetting some.

I’m not sure about common types I’ve never ridden in. The most common that I am pretty sure I haven’t ridden in is a Porsche.

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What’s the largest vehicle you’ve ever driven?

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My transport it’s called a super train 2 trailers 8 axels 30 tires and it’s 83 feet long.

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I hitchhiked from Austria to Italy once. My friend and I listed two vehicles we would like to get a lift from. Mine were Alfa Romeo (it was Italy after all ), a large truck. I can’t remember my friend’s choices but we got all of them plus we were delighted by the Germans in their camper van. Bonus.

I have literally no idea how to count the number of cars I’ve been in. Who was that jelly who is good at counting? We need her!

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black 2010 ford mustang gt (that’s my car and I’m not counting any other cars)

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I’ve driven a Jeep Cherokee.
Been a passenger in a Honda Civic, Yaris and Ford Mustang.

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That’s like asking how many pieces of food have you put in your gob, I mean, fucked if I know.

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What UCME said.

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Driving around, I remembered some fairly common car types that I don’t think I have ever ridden in, or didn’t notice/remember if I did. They didn’t exist when I was young enough to not know/remember due to youth:


I also don’t think I’ve been in a Jaguar, and I’m confident I haven’t been in a Bentley or Rolls Royce. Oh and no Hummers.

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Big cars, small cars, fast cars, safe cars, cars that ran well, cars that barely ran, police cars, taxis, Uber and Lyft cars, funny cars, dragsters,

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quite a few. None of them where very fancy.

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