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Is there an injestible medication that shoud be taken on an empty stomach?

Asked by flo (11641points) April 4th, 2017

I’m not sure if it (whatever it is) supposed to be taken on an empty stomach or not with certain kind/s of food. I can’t give anymore detail because I don’t know. I googled it and I got something else.*&spf=1

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I am required to take my thyroid supplement on an empty stomach.

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Ok. How about something that’s sold over the counter, something very commonly used?

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There are bunches of medications that should be taken on an empty stomach.

Most over the counter meds that I can think of it doesn’t matter whether taken with food or not. Some should be taken with food to protect your stomach, like aspirin and ibuprofen, but the food doesn’t affect its efficacy.

We can’t guess what drug you are talking about, I don’t really understand what answer you are trying to get.

Hell, most iron tablets are better absorbed on an empty stomach.

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Unless you can tell us what the medication is, we can’t answer you.

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Yes there are and mostly for gas
Better consult with Doctor before taking the medicine.

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Iron and multivitamins won’t be absorbed as well if your stomach is full when you take them.

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Short answer is yes. But all drugs should be taken as directed.

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@mariah Some vitamins are absorbed better with food. It depends on the vitamin.

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@JLeslie “I don’t really understand what answer you are trying to get.”
@Kardamom “Unless you can tell us what the medication is, we can’t answer you.”
I don’t know the answer. I’m tryimg to fill in the blank, if you see in my detail. Even if there is one item that I knew of, there’s likely more items, I’m guesssing.

I’ve never come across instruction on an injestible that says “Do not take with food. I’ve never been told by a pharmacist to take with an empty stomach.

I have taken iron vitamins and I can’t say I’ve read the instruction on them because I’ve always taken meds or vitamins with food without thinking about it.

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^^You have to read the labels, especially the warnings! It’s no joke. A medicine that says “take with plenty of water,” that’s because the med can crystallize in your tissues.

A med that say “don’t take with dairy,” that’s because the med doesn’t get absorbed well with fair.

“Take on an empty stomach.” Again, so it is absorbed well.

“Don’t take with grapefruit juice” because you can die if you do.

“Stay out of direct sunlight” because the med makes you photosensitive.

If you take a vitamin with food that is better taken in an empty stomach, 95% of the time it doesn’t matter, because most people aren’t so deficient they will be extremely sick if they only partially absorb the vitamin. But, if it’s thyroid meds, or antibiotics, or blood pressure medicine it really matters.

You have to read whether to take with or without food, the correct dosage, any medicines that might interact badly.

You can’t take iron within 4 hours of taking hypothyroid meds. There is crazy stuff like that too.

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@JLeslie Great answer.

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