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Should Gorsuch's plagiarism be considered grounds for his disqualification as a Supreme Court candidate?

Asked by cinnamonk (5367points) April 5th, 2017

In case you hadn’t heard already, Neil Gorsuch, the GOP-nominee for the Supreme Court, wrote a book in 2006 which has been found to be heavily plagiarized. Passages of Gorsuch’s book, including footnotes, were copied word-for-word from other sources, down to their punctuation marks and ellipses:

This replication of the ellipses is overwhelming evidence that Gorsuch didn’t just use the Kuzma article to track down primary sources, such as the unpublished Indiana judicial opinion involving Infant Doe. He cut-and-pasted the entire footnote, ellipses and all. Further proof that he didn’t go back to the primary source is that there had been several editions of the Rudolph pediatrics textbook since the 1983 17th edition that Kuzma cited in 1984. Gorsuch didn’t bother to track those down.

More info here

If plagiarism can get your university enrollment (and degree) revoked, should it get Gorsuch removed from consideration as a future Supreme Court justice?

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He’ll fit right in with the rest of King Trump’s troops.

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I’m personally surprised at the revelation. I would have thought Gorsuch a man of better judgement. I nevertheless believe Gorsuch more than qualified for a seat on the Court as was Garland. The stout refusal of the Republicans to grant Garland a hearing has now come back to bite them. And predictably, any dirt to be unearthed on Gorsuch will be most assuredly hurled in their faces.

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If I had gotten caught in college trying to pass off someone else’s work as my own, I probably wouldn’t have been able to graduate.

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Tough question. I wouldn’t think that it would automatically disqualify him, but it clearly speaks volumes about his ethics, and judgement.

I’ve been watching some of his questioning. He seems to be telling people what they want to hear when cornered. I personally don’t like him, or trust his carefully chosen words.

I still don’t understand how Obama wasn’t able to make the pick. Obama’s choice is the only candidate I will ever personally support.

It would be enough to disqualify him in my eyes. But I am admittedly biased.

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My problem as well. He’s the fat cat’s choice, no doubt about it.

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It should, but I doubt if it ever will.

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@Strauss seems unlikely, since his confirmation has already been announced. :(

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^^My point

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