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Is Ticketmaster a monoply?

Asked by SquirrelEStuff (9171points) August 9th, 2008

They are basically the only place you can buy tickets from at face value. They can hit you with any charge they want. The only other place I know to buy tickets, besides ebay and craigslist, is from a broker, and depending on the show, the ticket can be much more than face value.
How come no one has ever tried to stop this monopoly?

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Because they are not technically a monopoly. If you wanted to start a rival company you could. The only thing is that you don’t have the infrastructure, the good relations with different bands, and the massive financial backing you would need in order to even begin to try to compete with ticketmaster.

The only competitors they really have are small local venues.

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What about directly from the box office?

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If they’re not, they’re trying their best to be.

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The true monoplies are the ticket brokers and scalpers who purchase large quantites of tickets from companies like Ticketmaster. Within seconds of of being up for sale, tickets are bought at large quantities by companies using computer programs specifically designed to immedately “to go in front of the line” before any human can click purchase in their computer. Afterwards, these scalpers sell the same tickets at inflated prices. The biggest loser is the fan who must pay thousands of dollars to watch a Hannah Montana concert or witness major sporting competitions like the Superbowl and NBA Finals.

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@indy318 The biggest loser is the fan who wants to watch a Hannah Montana concert in the first place ;).

Either way, a lot of NYC shows sell through Telecharge.

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ive bought tickets through LiveNation before as well, but they arent much better.

I have a love/hate relationship with Ticketmaster i mean like 8 dollar convience charge is a bit crazy. Plus theres that stupid processing charge.Why does it cost 2 dollars for them to email me the tickets if its free to ship them?(except if its too close to the concert date) I mean they are sending out an email. That doesn’t require money, if anything the shipping should cost and email be free. You usually end up paying an extra 15 for the ticket when its all said and done.

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