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Would you have gene testing if it was affordable or even paid for by your insurance?

Asked by chyna (42195points) April 5th, 2017

I’m talking about the screening tests available that tells you if you are likely to get breast cancer, prostate cancer, etc. Not a test that tells you that you have the disease.
I don’t know if I would want to know. And if you found out you had the gene, would you go ahead and have a mastectomy or whatever your test tells you that you have the gene?

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I’ll only have it done with assured future privacy, which doesn’t exist. Insurance companies are looking for pre-existing conditions. Fuck them and their free tests.

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I don’t think I want to know that stuff. I already worry too much and I’m already probably gonna die young anyway. I’m trying to enjoy the now.

I did do 23andme when it was available to me for free, though. That tells you if you’re a carrier for certain conditions. It was useful information for considering future parenthood decisions. I was negative for everything they test for.

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I would want to know. but I would not want the information going to anyone else. That is probably impossible. Privacy might be increased if samples were submitted anonymously and password protected (I’d say my name was Espiritus Corvus. ;-) )
If the results showed I was more likely to have a disease it would encourage me to have screening tests and be on the lookout for any early signs. Maybe the disease could be caught early and remedied before it gets bad and expensive to treat.

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Not if the results were made available to my insurance company or put in my medical records.

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No I wouldnt. If it’s a likely positive I’ll keep worrying untill I get it and even after that, if I don’t get it then untill I die. Sometimes something’s are best not known.

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